SPEEDS - 2019
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SMS Lucknow
The Institution Of Engineers (India)
5th International Seminar
Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental &
Disaster Science:Impact of Non-Conventional Energy Resources (SPEEDS-2019)
07 & 08 February 2020
Council of Science and Technology
Council of Science and Technology, U.P.
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Anandiben Patel
Governor, UP
Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe
Prof. Vinay Kumar Pathak
Dr. Vedpati Mishra
IAS,Director of CST-UP
S.K Singh
Chairman,SMS Group of Institutions
V.K Singh
VC, DDU Gkp University
Dr. Narendra Singh Rathore
VC,MPUAT, Udaipur
Prof. Alok Kumar Rai
VC,Lucknow University
Prof. Subir K. Bhatnagar
VC,RMLNLU, Lucknow
Prof. Sanjay Singh
Prof. S.N. Singh
Prof. Mahrukh Mirza
Er. V.B Singh
FIE, Council Member
All the authors / delegates are hereby informed that their Abstract after approval are noted in this section. 

Theme Area


1. Non-Conventional Energy Resources
Emerging Technologies of Renewable Energy Resources: A review Author Name: Pankaj Kumar Rawat, Gyanendra Kumar Yadav , Gaurav Kumar Ojha, Pankaj Kumar Yadav
Power Transmission Challenges and Scopes of Renewable Based Electrical Systems for Remotely Located Areas Author Name: Vibhu Bhardwaj, Sunny Shiwaliya, Varun Kumar, Aryan Kakran, Nitin Kumar Saxena
Design and Fabrication of Smart Homes Using Fog Computing IoT Enable Automation System Author Name: Akansha Singh , Shiva Prakash
Utilization of Waste Plastic in Manufacturing of Bricks Along With Quarry Dust and M-Sand Author Name: Maaz Allah Khan
Utilization of Non-Conventional Energy Resources in India Author Name: Dr Syed Haider Ali, Syed Asghar Husain Rizvi
Review on Biodiesel: A Non-Conventional Energy Resource Author Name: Dr. S. Rais Haider, Dr. S. Husain Asghar Kazmi and Dr. M.M. Abid Ali Khan
Waste to Energy: A Review on Generating Electricity in India Author Name: Dr. Mohammad Miyan Dr. M. K. Shukla
Carbon Fertilization and its effects Author Name: Alok Kumar, Vipin Kumar, Adhir Tandon
2. Potential of Solar Energy in India
Thermal Engineering and modeling of Q-dot Coated Solar Still with Phase Change Material Storage Author Name: Dr S. K. Shukla
Recent Advances in Solar Energy Author Name: Ruchi Patel
Electrical, Optical and structural Characteristics of Nanostructured Energy Harvesting Devices Perovskite Solar Cells Author Name: Amrit Kumar Mishra, K. C. Dubey and R.K.Shukla
Review on Solar Water Heater Author Name: Indal Arya
Analytical Study of Energy and Exergy on PV System Author Name: Anoop Kumar Singh
Potential use of Nanofluids in solar collectors: A Review Author Name: Mangesh Gupta Ram Bilas Prasad
Sustainable solar powered bicycle Author Name: Shivam Kr.Prajapati, Jitendra Kr.Srivastava and Dr. Abhishek Mishra
Transformation of wireless energy in Electrical Vehicle by using solar power Author Name: Dr. Shad Husain
Impact of solar energy in India and its future plan Author Name: Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Prof. Manoj Mehrotra
Design and fabrication of solor motoring along with seed prayer machine Author Name: Aakash Tiwari, Gaurav Chaudhari, M. Subhash, Narendra Kumar , Zeeshan Ahmad
Synthesis and Characterization of Fe doped TiO2 rutile for Solar cell application Author Name: Neetu Rathore, Asita Kulshreshtha, and Rajesh Kumar Shukla
Utilization of Solar Energy for Drying of Jaggery: A Product of Sugarcane Author Name: Jaswant Singh, R D Singh ,Dilip Kumar
3. Potential of Wind Energy in India
A Comprehensive Survey on Novel Fault Current Limiters in Wind Energy Conversion System Author Name: Preeti Verma,PankajGupta,Dr.Amarjeet Singh
Design and Analysis of Wind Mill for Efficient Energy Production Author Name: Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Dr. Dharmendra Singh and Dr. PK Singh
Wind Energy Potential in India and its Harnessing Plan Author Name: Prof. Bharat Raj Singh and Prof. Onkar Singh
4. Environmental Issues
Ecological as well as Environmental Effect of Chromite Mining in Sukinda Valley: A Paradise lost From the bounty of nature to polluted mines Author Name: Dr.Haripriya Mishra
Nanocatalysis Applications as Burgeoning Remedy for Improvement of Air Quality Index in Indian Metropolitans at Local Level: A Challenge Author Name: Shrinkhala Srivastava
Impact ofGreen House GasesEmission in India:Review Author Name: Adhir Tandon and Dr. B.R. Singh
Evaluation of the Bacteriological Contamination of River Gomti at Sultanpur (U.P.) Author Name: Shri Prakash Mishra and Anupam Pandey
Effect of vehicle exhaust gas treatment under BS-6 and its impact on environment Author Name: Honey Mishra
Vehicular Pollution and Control Measures Author Name: Richa Mehrotra
Poor waste management affecting soil, water quality in Uttar Pradesh Author Name: Dr Upasana Yadav
A concise review of adverse effect of industrial discharge on environmental health Author Name: Deepesh Singh, A.K.Gautam, and Chandra Prakash Maurya
Finding suitable catalyst for the reduction of carbon dioxide Author Name: Dr. Pooja Srivastava
Solid Waste Sorting System Author Name: Dr. Abhishek Mishra, Mr. Sushil Kumar, Poonam Gupta
Status review of technologies in india for the charging of electric vehicle Author Name: Er. Kumar Shivam , A. K. Gautam , Dheeraj Kumar Verma
Analysis of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Water Quality Discharged from CETP, Banthar, Unnao Author Name: Sanjeev Kumar Pandey
Waste Liquid Treatment Technique Author Name: Shubham Kesarwani, Urooj Shameem
Partially Replacement of Cement By Silica Fume For Environment Sustainability – A Review Author Name: Gangesh Dhar Dwivedi
Impact Of Pollution Over Life Expectancy Ratio and Water Pollution And Its Hazardous Effects To Human Health. Author Name: Nishtha Upmanyu and Anjali Rai
An Overview on Environmental Impact on Production of Secondary Metabolites of Medicinal Plants Author Name: M.M. Abid Ali Khan, S. Rais Haider and S. Husain Asghar Kazmi
Effect of Chlorotox ( Organochlorine group ) an insecticide on the soil micro flora Author Name: Rachna Chaturvedi
Effect of the environment on the secondary metabolic profile of plants: A model for environmental metabolomics of plants Author Name: Dr. Sabiha Kazmi Dr. Amber Hasan
Environmental hazards and nosocomial infections Author Name: Salil chaturvedi, Marisha Rai , Prachi Chaturvedi , Rachna Chaturvedi
A study on strategic HRM practices and its impact on environmental sustainability Author Name: Dr. Rekha Singh
Activated carbon preparation and characterization from Typha tripholia plant and removal of Arsenic from contaminated water through activated carbon Author Name: Arti Gupta, Lalji Verma, Vinod Kumar, Shalini G Pratap and Pramod Kumar Singh
Cause of poor air quality in Delhi and how it effect the public health Author Name: Gaurav kumar Ojha ,Gyanendra kumar yadav Pankaj Kumar Yadav
Impacts of Abiotic Environmental Factors on Secondary Metabolism of Medicinal Plants Author Name: Dr. S. Husain Asghar Kazmi, Dr. T.S. Naqvi, Dr. Amber Hasan and Dr. M.M. Abid Ali Khan
Sustainable structure to combat earthquake damage –An overview Author Name: Nishtha Sahu, Shahrukh Ali, Osheen Gupta
5. Preservation of Natural Resources
Green Technology -Road to Environment Sustainability Author Name: Asita Kulshreshtha
Nandigram : A Step Towards Ecological Sustainable Development in India Author Name: Dr. Sangeeta Bajpai
How to Reduce the Use of Natural Resources Author Name: Dr.Noohi Khan
Regeneration Value Index: A Tool for Estimation of Invasion Potential of Introduced Tree Species Author Name: Dr. G. Bhattacharyya
A Review on Food Waste Management in India-Methods and Future Challenges Author Name: Suraj Kumar Pal , Professor Jeeoot Singh
Environmental Implications of Food Security: Key to Addressing Global Climate and Biodiversity Challenges Author Name: Dr. Yoseph Araya, The Open University (UK)
Impact of Eco Tourism and the involvement of Local Residents on Tourism: A Case Study of GAVI Village, Kerala Author Name: Dr. Anurag Shrivastava, Christo Paul
Corporate Environmental Policy: The Conceptual Framework for Implementation and Compliance Author Name: Dr. Aditya Kumar Gupta
Integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation in Indian agriculture Author Name: Pankaj Kumar Yadav,Gaurav kumar ojha
6. Technological Changes to Preserve Environment
Genetic algorithm based support vector machine for estimating suspended sediment yield in Godavari river basin, India Author Name: Dr. Arvind Yadav and Dr.Haripriya Mishra
Present Status and Future Trends of Electric Vehicle and Its Charging System in India Author Name: Kumar Shivam, Deepesh singh, A.K Gautam
Phytoremediation of indoor air pollution Author Name: Riya Shrivastava , Jyoti Prakash
Impact of cement dust deposition on chlorophyll content of tecoma stans leaves growing near the vicinity of cement plant Author Name: Riya Shrivastava , Jyoti Prakash
Organic waste management using Black soldier fly larvae: A review Author Name: Sumit Kumar Jaiswal , Professor Jeeoot Singh
Biodegradable polymers for sustainable environmental and economic development Author Name: Kartikey Kumar Srivastava, Vindhyavasini Pandey
MATLAB – A Toolfor Air Quality Assessmentin Lucknow City: A Review Author Name: Arshad Abbas1, Ayaz Ahmad2
Rice Husk Based Geopolymer as Environment Friendly Material - A Review Author Name: Vigvesh Kumar
Tribological Aspectof NanolubricantBasedon Carbon Nano Tubes (CNTS) & Graphene - A Review Author Name: Prayag Narayan Singh , Ankit Saxena , Dr. Swati Gangwar
Impact of Vibration Balancing in the Rotating/ Moving Parts of Transport Vehicle to Reduce Emission Thrown in the Atmosphere Author Name: Manoj Kumar Singh and Prof.(Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh
Review on Sustainable Transport for Smart Cities Author Name: Hari om Pal , Shubham Pal , Shubham Kesarwani
Use of Expert System in Environmental Engineering Author Name: Sanjeev Kumar Pandey , Maaz Allah Khan
Study of LPG refrigerator as alternative refrigerant for refrigeration Author Name: Ravindra Kumar, Sumit Dwivedi
Review of Hybrid Vehicle Author Name: Harsh Dubey1, Sudhanshu Vishwakarma, Amit Thakur, Rajneesh Kumar, & Gaurav Rai
Review of Powerful Electrical Bicycle Author Name: Sanjana Panika, Pankaj Verma ,Rahul Verma, Vipul Rai, Nesar Aalm Ansari
Color image De-noising using quaternion adaptive non local coupled means Author Name: Nidhi Choudhary and Siddharth Srivastava
A Review of Automatic Speaker Recognition Using Machine Learning Author Name: Amit Kumar Chauhan and Faseeh Ahmad
7. Others
Biomaterials in blood-contacting applications Author Name: Smriti Khare
An approach for finding time spent by user on web page to predict quality of page Author Name: Hemant Kumar Singh
Circular Supply Chain Management: Overview Author Name: Dr. Niraj Gupta
Dosimeter and Its Therapeutic Role in Medical Sciences Author Name: Richa Khare
Investigation of surface roughness and surface morphology during Wire-EDM of EN-8 Author Name: Syed Asghar Husain Rizvi, Prem Kumar Bharti and Adhir Tandon
A Study of Different Text Mining Techniques Author Name: Sandeep Kumar (Research Scholar), Dr. Hemant Kr. Singh and Dr. Devesh Katiyar
Mass Transfer in a Binary Mixture of Viscous Fluids Due to Rotationally Symmetric Flow in the Presence of an Infinite Rotating Heated Disk Author Name: Pravin Kumar Srivastava
Novel SpirocyclopropylOxindole Derivatives as potential antitumor compounds Author Name: Jaya Pandey
Synthesis and Optical Investigation of 60[SrTiO3]-40[2SiO2B2O3] Glasses Doped With Different Mole Percent of CrO3 Author Name: Anod Kumar Singh, Ajay Kumar Sharma and Shri Prakash Mishra
h-isotropic (a,ß)-Finsler manifold of unit sectional curvature Author Name: Anil Kumar Gupta
An approach to predict heart disease using data mining techniques Author Name: Mr. Javed Akhtar , Dr. D.L Gupta
Self Similarity Solutions of Spherical and Cylindrical Blast Wave Author Name: Jitendra Kumar Soni , K.K Srivastava
Electromagnetic wave propagation in planer an isotropic metamaterial Author Name: Kundan Kumar
Synthesis and Bio-evaluation of Tetrahydro Benzazepine Derivatives as Potential Antimicrobial Agents Author Name: Nidhi Singh , Jaya Pandey
A Comprehensive EOQ model for deteriorating commodities and shortage under permissible delay in payment Author Name: Sachin Mishra
Numerical Analysis of Twin-Roll Casting of Strips with Profiled Cross-Section Author Name: Shailesh Singh
A Comparative Study on Improvement in VLSI Technology: The Fin FET Technology Author Name: Vinay Kumar Verma , Anurag Singh
Network Intrusion Detection using Supervised Machine Learning Technique with Feature Selection Author Name: Nazaan Shaheen, Brijesh Pandey
Influence of Wire-EDM process parameters on Surface integrity of EN-24 Author Name: Ajay pal, Vibek kumar sharma
Retrofitting of RC Beam-Column Joint using GFRP by ETABSoftware Author Name: Mohd Aquib, Uroj Shameem, Ashutosh Srivastava
Stability and Dynamics of deviation vector in the modified Chua circuit system Author Name: C. K. Yadav
Annealing Effect in Photoconductivity of ZnS Nanoparticles prepared by Precipitation Method Author Name: Nitin Pandey, Rahul Misra
Synthesis and Optical properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes Author Name: Nitin Dwivedi , R. K. Shukla
A Literature Review on Exhaust Manifold Optimisation and Structural Analysis through F.E.A Approach Author Name: Paritosh Pandey ,Devraj Chauhan, K.G. Sinha
DIGITAL TWIN: A Study Author Name: Priyanka Saxena, Sonal Kumari , Ritu Singh
A Review of Recent developments in Nano-based drug delivery systems Author Name: Ragini Dubey
“RED TACTON: A Study on Human Area Networking” Author Name: Ritu Singh* 1 , Ankita Upadhyay 2
CFD analysis of rectangular fin of two wheeler bike engine with different type of notches Author Name: Saksham Srivastava , Devesh Kumar
Numerical Study of Rectangular Heat Sink Channel with Varying Hydraulic diameter Author Name: Shubham kumar Jaiswal, Devesh Kumar
Some Perfect Magnetofluid Solutions Author Name: Vishnu Dev Tripathi
Kinetic and Mechanistic study of Os (VIII) Catalyzed Redox Reaction of Paracetamol by NBS in Acidic Medium Author Name: Dr. Amrita Srivastava, Virendra Kumar
The Kinetic, Mechanistic and DFT Studies of Ru(III) Catalysed Oxidation of Paracetamol by KBrO3 in Acidic Medium Author Name: Amrita Srivastava, Ashish Verma
The Kinetic, Mechanistic and DFT Studies of Ru(III) Catalysed Oxidation of Aspirin by KBrO3 in Alkaline Medium Author Name: Dr. Amrita Srivastava, Ashish Verma, Virendra Kumar
Synthesis, Mechanical and Biological Study of h-BN Reinforced Zirconia Composites for Bone Regeneration Applications Author Name: Amarendra Gautam, C. R. Gautam
Structural, Microscopic And Superconducting Properties of Ag-doped (Tl,Bi)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O HTSC film Author Name: A K Sharma , Anod Kumar Singh
Theoretical study for equation of state for solids under high pressure using finite strain theory Author Name: Pawan Kumar Singh
Study of the spectroscopic behavior, NLO properties and Molecular Docking of Baicalien (5,6,7-Trihydroxyflavone) Using First Principle Author Name: Tanveer Hasan , Sayed Hasan Mehdi , P K Singh
Stabilization of Expansive Soil using Bio-enzyme Author Name: Akhilesh kumar , Shubham Kesarwani
Reduced Order model using Hybrid Method Author Name: Santosh Kumar Suman and Awadhesh Kumar
Clustering using parallel genetic algorithm: A Survey Author Name: Yumna Fatma Farooqi
A Review on Non-technical Congestion Management Method in Deregulated Power System Author Name: Akarsh Upadhyay, Aishvarya Narain*, Aditya Singh, Santosh Kumar Singh
Prediction of antagonistic activity of ß-Carboline and its derevatives using topological descriptors Author Name: Anil Kumar Soni
Linear, nonlinear and Weakly nonlinear analyses of thermosolutal convection induced by selective absorption of radiation in a fluid layer Author Name: Meenakshi Tripathi
A review towards polymeric material used as corrosion inhibitor for metals Author Name: Abhishek Dwivedi, Sudhish Kumar Shukla, P.K. Bharti, Shubham Kesarwani
Paddy Crop Disease Detection using GLCM Feature Extraction and SVM Technique Author Name: Fiza Hussain
Synthesis, vibrational, spectroscopic and quantum mechanical studies of 5-oxo-1-phenyl-4-((phenylamino)methyl)pyrrolidine-3-carboxylic acid Author Name: Poornima Devi and Abha Bishnoi
Fuzzy Based Distributed Energy Effcient Clustering Protocol Author Name: Uzra Sarwar, Atma Prakash Singh, Dr. Shafeeq Ahmad
Bearing Defect Detection in Induction Machine Based on Current Analysis Using High Resolution Technique Author Name: Sushil Kumar and Mohd Afzal
A Study on Current Substance Based Picture Recovery Frameworks and its Related Highlights Author Name: Nancy Vaish and Mohd. Aamir Khan
Piperine induces apoptosis in human cervical carcinoma cells through ROS dependent mitochondrial pathway and caspase-3 activation Author Name: Asif Jafri, Sudhir Kumar and Md Arshad
On almost para contact metric manifolds with semi-symmetric non metric connection Author Name: Dr. Arman Taqvi
A Review on Vein Patterns Based Biometric System Author Name: Ajhrudin Ansari, Faseeh Ahmad & Siddharth Srivastava
Plant Disease Detection Using Image Processing Author Name: Shahnaaz Khatoon, Faseeh Ahmad
Discrete Component Analysis based Feature Fusion for Multimodal Biometrics Author Name: Shweta Singh , Faseeh Ahmad
Fixed point theorems for almost quadratic alpha-Geraghty contractive mapping in complete metric spaces Author Name: A. K. Singh
Early Detection of Alzheimers using digital image processing through Iridology Author Name: Anant Kumar Singh 1, Faseeh Ahmad 2
Hand pattern Recognition from SEMG signals using signal processing Author Name: Samreen Khan, Dr. Shafeeq Ahmad
Numerical Investigationof Flow Through a Multiphase Cavitating Flow in Orifice Author Name: Shashank Deo Nigam
Machine learning based approach for flood prediction Author Name: Santosh Kumar Singh , Sanjay Kumar Singh
Role of Machine Learning techniques for the prediction of Diabetes:A Review Author Name: Sunit Kumar Mishra , Dr. Arvind Kumar Tiwari
The Mechanical Properties of Natural Fiber Composites , A Review Author Name: Surya Vatsal Kaushik , Mohd. Ziaulhaq
Review of Advanced Multi-Nozzle Spray System Author Name: Avanish Sharma ,Harshit Pandey ,Lavakush, Kabil Ansari ,Aditya Kumar Pandey
Electromagnetic properties magnetoPlasmons on surface of Carbon-Nanotubes (CNTs) Author Name: Dayashanker, Arjun Mishra, Abhishek Tiwari and Utkarsh Kumar Sharma
Plasmon Polaritons splitting at low temperature in single layer of Cylindrical Boron Nitride Author Name: Dayashanker, Rashmi Yadav
A suggested modification in Coulomb’s law Author Name: Sanjeev Kumar Jain,
Present and Future Status of Electricity Generation and Consumption in India Author Name: Amarjeet Singh and Pankaj Gupta
Fire: The Inconvenient Companion Author Name: Prof. Alok Kumar
Analysis of Friction Factor & Coefficient of Friction Using Ring Compression Test Author Name: Saurabh Shukla,Maneesh Mishra
Microbial Production of Cellulase from Waste Substrates using Aspergillus niger Author Name: Garima Awasthi
Wheel Chair Using Arduino & Bluetooth Module Students Author Name: Amit Pandey ,Anoop Jaiswal,Anurag Pandey,Neetish Kumar,Shivam Pandey
NANO ZnS: Long Used Luminescent Material Author Name: Usha Shukla
Sentimental Analysis of Twitter Data Author Name: Akriti Singh
A Study of FINFET Circuit Design And Configuration Challenges Author Name: Mohit Kumar Mishra
Analysis of Oxidation Behavior on Uncoated Alloys & Superalloys at 800°C Author Name: Anil Kumar, Vivek Srivastava, N. K. Mishra
Importance of Microstrip Antennas In Wireless Communication Author Name: Rakesh Kumar Bajpai, Rajeev Paulus
Douglas spaces of the second kind of finsler space with a special finsler metric with it’s applicatons Author Name: K.B. Pandey
Thermodynamic constraints for equations of state and thermodynamic formulations Author Name: A. Dwivedi
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