Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental Disaster Science: Challenges and Strategies : SPEEDS - 2013
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SMS Lucknow
All India Seminar
Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental
Disaster Science: Challenges and Strategies
The Institution of Engineers (India)
 Chief Patron  
Dr. M.P. Singh
Executive Secretary, SMS Group of Institution
Shri Sharad Singh
Secretary & CEO,
School of Management Sciences, Techincal Campus, Lucknow
 Seminar Chair  
Prof. (Dr.) Manoj Mehrotra
Director, SMS-IMS, Lucknow
 Seminar Convener  
Prof. (Dr.) B.R.Singh
Director, SMS-IT, Lucknow
 National Advisory Committee  

Chairman Er. S.S.Rathore, President, IEI
Co-Chairman Er. V.L. Malhotra, Chairman, ELDB, IEI
Members Dr. T.Ananthapadaman, Member,ELDB, IEI
Dr. S.K.Calla, Member, ELDB, IEI
Dr. D.J.Doke, Member,ELDB, IEI
Er. S.B.Dubey, Member, ELDB, IEI
Prof. H.B.Goswami, Member, ELDB, IEI
Er. U.L.Mehta, Member, ELDB, IEI
Er. P. Rajamani, Member, ELDB, IEI
Er. A.S.Satish, Member, ELDB, IEI
Er. S.S.Sharma, Member, ELDB, IEI
Er. J.P.Tomar, Member, ELDB, IEI
Er. Umasankar, J, Member, ELDB, IEI
Er. Vimal Prakash, V, Member, ELDB, IEI
 Organizing Committee  

Chairman Er. V.B. Singh, IEI, UPSC
Org. Secretary Er. J.S. Mishra, Hony Secretary, IEI, UPSC
Co-Conveners Dr. P.K. Singh, Associate Prof., SMS, Lucknow
Mr. Amarjeet Singh, Associate Prof. & HOD-EN,SMS,Lucknow
Members Er. Girish, Member, SCC, IEI, UPSE
Er. Arun Kumar, Member, SCC, IEI, UPSE,SMS Lucknow
Dr. Jagdish Singh, C.G.M.(Admin & Corp.Rel.), SMS-GI
Mr. Surendra Srivastava, G.M. (Corp. Rel.), SMS, Lucknow
Prof. Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Dean Academics, SMS, Lucknow
Mr. T. P. Singh, Registrar, SMS-IMS, Lucknow
Mr. Rajat Agarwal, Registrar, SMS-IT, Lucknow
Mr. Sanjay Tiwari, Associate Prof. & HOD-ME, SMS, Lucknow
Mr. Mahendra Kr. Sonkar, Reader & HOD-CS,SMS, Lucknow
Mr. Rakesh Verma, Reader & Co-ordinator-ME,SMS, Lucknow
Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh, Reader, SMS, Lucknow
Mr. C.L.P. Gupta, Reader, SMS, Lucknow
Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Senior Lecturer, SMS, Lucknow
Dr. Sarvesh Rai, Senior Lecturer, SMS, Lucknow
Dr. Priyanka Singh, Senior Lecturer, SMS, Lucknow
Mr. Amit Verma, Senior Lecturer, SMS, Lucknow
Mr. Vikram Singh, Senior Lecturer, SMS, Lucknow
Mrs. Neha Srivastava, Co-ordinator-EC,SMS, Lucknow
Mr. Gaurav Sharma, Lecturer, SMS, Lucknow
Mrs. Garima Bajpai, Lecturer, SMS, Lucknow
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