Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental Disaster Science: Challenges and Strategies : SPEEDS - 2013
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SMS Lucknow
All India Seminar
Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental
Disaster Science: Challenges and Strategies
The Institution of Engineers (India)
Keynote Speaker's Papers:
i): Keynote Speaker-Solar Power Production: Prospects of Development-PK Bharti, Prof. and Head of Department, Mechanical Engineering, Integral University, Lucknow (UP), India.
ii): Keynote Speaker-Energy and Environment- Challenges and Strategies in context to Automobiles-Dr. Shailendra Sinha,M.E.Department,IET, Lucknow(U.P) India.


All the authors / delegates are hereby informed that their Abstract after approval are noted in the required Sections with numbers. They are required to make future correspondance according the the paper numbers. 

1.0 ENERGY Sustainability:

1.1: GPR Applications in Energy Resources Exploration- by: Sunjay,Geophysics, BHU, Varanasi-221005(UP), India.
1.2: Prospect of Iran Natural Gas Export Projects- by: HEDAYAT OMIDVAR, Head of Deptt, National Iranian Gas Company, Tehran-1598753113-Iran.
1.3: Financing and Creating Energy Infrastructure for Small Cities-by: Manoj Kr Singh, Reader, SMSIT, Lucknow.
1.4: Sustainable Renewable Energy Development in India Through Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources-by: Manoj Kr Singh, Reader, SMSIT, Lucknow (U.P) India.
1.5: The Magnetization of Ground State Magnetization Densities and the excitation of High Multipolarity Magnetic Excitation of Single Particle-Shad Husain, Department of Physics, Shia P.G. College, Lucknow (U.P) India.
1.6: Control Strategies of Inverter Using Wind Energy Conversion System for Variable Speed Application-Pooja Maurya & Sarika Shrivastav, Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering, Bareilly(UP) India.
1.7: Solar Power as a Source of Ecologically Sustainable Growth in Rajasthan: A Case Study- by Pallavi Pathak & Abhijeet Singh, School of Management Sciences,Varanasi(UP) India.
1.8: Integration of Renewable Energy Resources for Stand Alone and Grid Interface Application-RS Bajpai, Dean and Prof. Department of Electrical Engineering, Shri Ram Swaroop Memorial University Deva Road, Lucknow, India.
1.9: Generation of Electricity of a Renewable Source from Municipal Solid Waste-Utkarsh Pandey, Student of ME-IV, SMSIT, Lucknow (UP), India.
1.10: Electronic Structure, Nonlinear Optical Properties, and Vibrational Analysis of Ethyl benzoate by Density Functional Theory-Tanveer Hassan, PG College, Lucknow (UP), India.
1.11: Innovative Non Conventional Energy Sustainability in India-Utkarsh Chandra, Student of CE-IV, SMSIT, Lucknow (UP), India.
1.12: Novel Cruise Speed Highway Charging of Electric Vehicles in India-BRSingh and Manoj Kr Singh, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow (UP), India.

2.0 Environmental & Climate Change Issues:

2.1: National Mission for Climate change Using CDM-by: Manoj Kr Singh, Reader, SMSIT, Lucknow(U.P) India.
2.2: Experimental and computational determination of LBV of hydrogen enriched methane mixtures-Vinod Kumar Yadav,M.E.Department, G.L.Bajaj ITM, Greater Noida (U.P) India.
2.3: Acute toxic effects and risk characterization of pesticide waste leachate via seed germination and seedling growth of three crops-Sarvesh Rai,Sr. Lecturer, SMSIT, Lucknow (U.P) India.
2.4: Effect of Heavy Population of Automobile on Environment-Digamber Singh, Assistant Professor, Hindustan College of Science & Technology, Mathura(U.P) India.
2.5: Successive Improvement of Refrigerants in Vapour Compression Refrigeration System for Sustainable Environment-Vivek Dwivedi,Reader,Feroze Gandhi IET, Raebareli(U.P) India.
2.6: Effect of Climatic Change on Humans in India: Impact & Remedies-Snehil Misra, Jahangirabad IT, Lucknow (U.P) India
2.7: India’s Climate Policy and Barriers to Low-Carbon Inclusive Growth: a Case Study- Venkatesh Dutta,PhD, Department of Environment, Babasaheb Bheemrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow.
2.8: Effect of Fungicide Treatment on Dielectric Properties of Few Coarse-Cereals-Vishal Singh Chandel,Department of Physics, Integral University, Lucknow, (U.P) India.
2.9: Municipal Solid Waste Management through Vermi-technology: A new frontier of an effort to integrated approach for reclamation of sodic soil by use of vermi-compost and medicinal crops-Pramod Kumar Singh, Department of Chemistry, BBDNIIT, Lucknow (U.P) India.
2.10: An Effective Role of Aquatic Macrophytes for the Reduction of Some Heavy Metals from the Sewage Water-Sanjeev Srivastav,Sri Ram Murti College of Engineering & Technology, Bareilly (U.P.) India.
2.11: Excessive Exploitation of Sources of Planet Energy Sounds Environmental Issues-Shubham Gupta,B.Tech.-CE-Final Year Student, SMSIT, Lucknow (U.P.) India.
2.12: Problem of Arsenic in Drinking Water it’s an Environmental issues-Rajesh Kumar Singh,B.Tech.-CE-Final Year Student, SMSIT,Lucknow (U.P.) India.
2.13: Wireless Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistor PH Sensor Network for Offshore Microalgae Cultivation-PKSingh and Manoj Kr Singh,School of Management Sciences, Lucknow (U.P.) India.

3.0 Global warming:

3.1: Scenarios of Global Warming and its Proposed Worldwide Action Plan- by: Bharat Raj Singh, Dir, SMSIT, Lucknow(U.P) India.
3.2: Observation and Temperature Changes Warming of the Climate System and Future of Global Warming in 21st Century-Manoj Kr Singh, Reader, SMSIT, Lucknow (UP), India.
3.3: Global Warming due to Remotely Increased CO2 Concentration in the Atmosphere- Caused by Human Activity-Amit Porwar,Firoz Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rae Bareli, India.
3.4: The Effect of Greenhouse Leading to Global Warming-Yogesh Trivedi and Siddharth Gupta, Civil Engineering, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, India.

4.0 Glacier Melting and Sea rise:

4.1: Modeling of Future Sea Level Rise Through Melting Glaciers-Manoj Kr Singh, Reader, SMSIT, Lucknow (UP), India.
4.2: ............................................

5.0 Disaster Science & Management:

5.1: Disaster: Challenges and Remedies, Er. AK Jain, MNIT, Allahabad(U.P) India.
5.2: ............................................

6.0 Zero Energy Buildings:

6.1: A revolution for Architecture and Photovolatics zero energy building-Manoj Kr Singh, Reader, SMSIT, Lucknow,(UP),India.
6.2: Zero-energy buildings-A Review-Pawan Singh-B.Tech, Final Year Student, SMSIT, Lucknow,(UP),India.
6.3 Zero Energy Building in India- Create a Modern Society-Akhand Pratap Singh, Student B.Tech-CE, SMSIT, Lucknow,(UP),India.
6.4 Net Zero Energy Building-Devashish Pandey, Student B.Tech-CE, SMSIT, Lucknow,(UP),India.

7.0 Energy Conservation:

7.1: Lean Manufacturing and Agile Manufacturing Lead to Energy Conservation and Sustainability-Neha Gupta, M.Tech. Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Integral University, Lucknow (U.P) India.
7.2: Innovative and Sustainable Energy Technologies-Neha Gupta, M.Tech. Student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Integral University, Lucknow (U.P) India.
7.3: Seed Priming- A Novel Technology For Sustainable Development Of Crop Plants In Nutrient Deficient Areas-Kshama Shukla,Department of Chemistry, BBDNIIT, Lucknow (UP), India.
7.4: A recent study of Osmium Carbonyl in field of Photochemistry-Vandana Grover,Department of Chemistry, BBDNIIT, Lucknow (UP), India.

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