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Enabling Environment

• Institutions: Social Capital, Budget, Judiciary, Legal Framework, Contract Enforcement, Government's Future Orientation, Corruption, Intellectual Property Protection, Governance and Social Welfare.
• Infrastructure: Road, Air and Sea Connectivity, Electricity, Water and Technology.
• ICT Adoption: E-Participation, Cellular Connectivity, Internet - Broadband , Fiber & Wireless , E-Governance, Digital Transition, Social Media, E-Commerce, E-Retailing, Cloud Computing, Green Computing, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. • Macroeconomic Stability: Economic Policies, Debt, Inflation and Interest Rates etc.

Market Component

• Product Market: Market Structure, Competition, Taxes and Subsidies, Trade Tariffs, Non-Tariff Barriers, Services, Marketing 4Ps, Green Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Marketing 3.0.
• Labor Market: Labor Employees Relations, Active Labor Policies, Worker's Right, Hiring and Firing Practices, Pay and Productivity, Female Participation, Labor Tax, Professional Management, Internal Labor Mobility and Foreign Labor, HRM Processes, E-HRM, Present and Future HRM Issues, Challenges and Trends.
• Financial System: Financial Markets, Banking System & Regulation, Credit to Private Sector, SMEs Financing, Credit Gap, Venture Capital, Market Capitalization, Insurance, NPAs, Accounting & Audit and Demonetisation.
• Market Size: GDP, Sustainable GDP Growth, Per Capita Income, Income Disparity, Imports-Dependency & Substitution.

Human Capital

• Health: Public Health, Life Expectancy, Health Centers, Critical Disease Eradication and Treatment, and Emergency.
• Skills: Primary & Higher Education, Training & Skills Development, Soft Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Vocational Training, Digital Skills, Critical Thinking and Lateral Thinking.

Innovation Ecosystem

• Business Dynamism: Starting & Closing a Business, Entrepreneurship, Business Innovation & Disruption, Business Analytics and Big Data, Business Strategy & Policy, Industry 4.0, Make in India and Indian Rural Markets.
• Innovation Capability: Diversity of Workforce, International Coinventions, R&D, Patents Sustainable Development, Buyer Sophistication and Globalization 4.0.

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