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Mechanical Engineering (Production)

Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to Board of Technical Education
Mechanical Engineering
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Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering that involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools. It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. The engineering field requires an understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, production and manufacturing. Diploma Mechanical Engineers use these core principles along with tools like computer-aided engineering and product lifecycle management to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, transport systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices and more. Diploma Mechanical Engineering (Production) students are trained for rendering their technical skills to public as well as private sector domains. After completion of the course, the students can get placed in industries or can go for higher education. They are also trained for entrepreneurship skills.


• To offer quality education and training in the thrust areas.
• To promote entrepreneurial skills for self employment.
• To be employed as a participating engineer in the field of design, development, manufacturing, operations, maintenance and service systems.
• To create opportunity for students to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects


To become a constantly growing centre of excellence in producing Mechanical Engineers who are competent enough for the industrial requirement and inculcating leadership quality in them which is based on ethical and moral attributes


• To create excellent learning ambience through innovation in teaching, training and consultation, in order to produce industry capable professionals.
• To provide high ethical and moral standards and sense of responsibility toward serving the society.
• To collaborate with different industries for internship programs, technical communications and interactions with professional bodies for workshops and seminars.
• To develop communication, technical and design skills among the students through training sessions.
• To develop academic performance of students and provide them employment enhancement training for better placement potential.


The Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of the department of Diploma Mechanical Engineering (Production) are given below:
PEO1: To prepare the students as per the standard of mechanical industries and provide extensive knowledge of science and engineering for a successful career.
PEO2: To develop ability of students such that they can implement knowledge for creativity and product design.
PEO3: To provide sound knowledge of engineering, science and mathematics in order to analyze engineering problems.
PEO4: To develop team work and leadership quality capability among the students.
PEO5: To provide software as well as machinery skills to the students for better career and to prepare them for higher studies.

Program Outcomes

PO1: Basic Knowledge
Ability to apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering in order to solve Mechanical Engineering problems.
PO2: Discipline Knowledge
Ability to apply specific discipline knowledge so as to solve broadly defined Mechanical Engineering problems.
PO3: Practical Knowledge
Ability to conduct standard tests and experiments to analyze and interpret the results.
PO4: Experiments and Practice
Engineering Tools: Ability to apply techniques, tools and skills of Mechanical Engineering to describe engineering technology activities.
PO5: The Engineer and Society
Express knowledge to analyze societal, safety, health, cultural and legal issues.
PO6: Environment and Sustainability
Demonstrate knowledge and need of sustainable development while understanding the influence of engineering solutions on environment.
PO7: Ethics
Apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics as well as responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.
PO8: Individual and team work
Function effectively as an individual, and as a member or leader in diverse/multidisciplinary teams.
PO9: Communication
An ability to apply oral, written and graphical communication in both technical and non-technical environments and ability to use appropriate technical literature.
PO10: Life-long learning
Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning in the context of technological changes.

Course Outcome

Diploma ME Course Outcome

List of Labs

Laboratories are well equipped with modern facilities and specialized software, which provide state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and advanced research.
• Basics of Mechanical & Civil Engg. Lab
• Workshop Practice lab
• Introduction To Computer Practical Lab
• Mechanics Lab
• Graphics Lab
• Thermal Engineering Lab
• Manufacturing Processes (W/S Practice)
• Mechanics of Solid Lab
• Material Science and Testing Lab
• Electrical Technology & Electronics Lab
• Hydraulics Lab
• Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
• Mechanical Workshop / Auto shop
• Metrology Lab
• Production Technical Lab
• Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing Lab
• Project Lab

Faculty List (2019-20)
Course/Branch: Diploma/Mechanical ( Production Engg.)
S.No Title First Name Middle Name Last Name Designation Qualification Nature of Association (Regular/ Contractual/ Adjunct) Date of Joining
1 Mr. Pankaj Kumar Yadav AP-III & HOD M.Tech Regular 15/07/2014
2 Mr. Gaurav Kumar Ojha AP-I M.Tech Regular 15/07/2014
3 Mr. Atul Kumar Tiwari AP-I M.Tech Regular 14/02/2020
4 Mr. Anoop Kumar Singh AP-I M.Tech Regular 07/10/2015
5 Mr. Krishna Gopal Sinha AP-III M.Tech Regular 15/07/2013
6 Mr. Shashank Deo Nigam AP-I M.Tech Regular 09/10/2019
7 Mr. Rahul Kumar Singh AP-I M.Tech Regular 16/07/2019
8 Mrs. Akanksha Srivastava AP-I M.Tech Regular 18/11/2020
9 Mrs. Himanshu Minotra AP-I M.Tech Regular 07/12/2020

List Of Projects

3rd Year Diploma ME-I [ 2018-19]

Group Name of Students Project Name Project Guide
1 1. Abhay Raj Singh
2. Abhishek Kumar
3. Abhishek Mishra
4. Abhishek Pathak
5. Adarsh Maurya
Paddle Power Electric Generator [Fly wheel fitting] Ms. Garima Singh
2 1. Aditya Kumar Kushwaha
2. Aditya Kumar Rawat
3. Ajay Jadeja Sahani
4. Akash Gond
5. Alok Verma
Four Wheel Steering System Mr. Gyanendra Yadav
3 1. Aman Yadav (S/o Mithai Lal Yadav)
2. Aman Yadav
3. Amar Nath Jaiswal
4. Deepak Prasad
5. Amulya Aman
Paddle Power Electric Generator [Roof and Roof Fabricator] Mr. Chandan Kumar
4 1. Aneesh Ahmad
2. Anil Kumar Gupta
3. Durgesh Kumar
4. Ankit Kumar
5. Amitosh Pal
Solar Cooker Mr. Gaurav Ojha
5 1. Aqdus Zarar Siddiqui
2. Arun Sahu
3. Ashwini Pandey
4. Ashwini Singh
5. Avinash Pal
Hydraulic Elevator Mr. Pankaj Yadav
6 1. Ayush Kumar Singh
2. Babli Yadav
3. Bablu Kumar
4. Basuki Nath Acharya
5. Brijesh Kumar Chaudhary
Paddle Power Electric Generator [Inverter and its frame] Mr. K.G. Sinha
7 1. Chandan Kumar Sahani
2. Deepak Kumar Singh
3. Ankul Patel
4. Deepu Kumar Dubey
5. Dewanand Paswan
Paddle Power Electric Generator [Battery and Battery Frame Work] Mr. K.G. Sinha
8 1. Dinesh Kumar Sahu
2. Anjita Kumari
3. Jai Kishan Srivastava
4. Neeraj Pal
5. Malkhan Yadav
6. Muskan Kumari
Paddle Power Electric Generator [Wheel Assembly, Handle Fitting & Fabrication] Mr. K.G. Sinha

3rd Year Diploma ME-II [ 2018-19]

Group Name of Students Project Name Project Guide
1 1. Manish RAwat
2. Md. Liyakat Ansari
3. Misbaul Haq
4. Mohit Yadav
5. Mrityunjay Yadav
Paddle Power Electric Generator [Square Pipe Fabrication] Mr. Chandan Kumar
2 1. Mukesh Kumar
2. Rahul Yadav
3. Prajjwal Dwivedi
4. Rajan Jaiswal
Electrical Agriculture Sead Sowing Machine Ms. Garima Singh
3 1. Ravi Kumar Yadav
2. Rishav Kumar
3. Rupesh Nandan
4. Saching Kumar
5. Sachin Sahu
Electrical Agriculture Sead Sowing Machine Mr. Gaurav Ojha
4 1. Sandeep Kumar Gupta
2. Sanjay Kumar Chaudhari
3. Satendra Kumar Prajapati
4. Shakti Kumar
5. Shaswat Shukla
Rahul Bharti
Paddle Power Electric Generator [Chain Sproket Fitting] Ms. Garima Singh
5 1. Shubham Kumar Yadav
2. Shubham Singh Yadav
3. Sudarshan Kumar Yadav
4. Shudhir Kumar 5. Surendra Kumar
Mini Electric Bike Mr. Pankaj Yadav
6 1. Surya Tiwari
2. Upendra Kumar Yadav
3. Vaibhav Mishra
4. Vikash Kumar Jaiswal 5. Vikash verma
Mini Electric Bike Mr. Gyanendra Yadav
7 1. Vishal Yadav
2. Vishwajit Kumar Prajapati
3. Vivek
4. Yashvendra Awasthi
Mini Electric Bike Mr. Gyanendra Yadav
8 1. Devendra Bajpai
2. Arun Kumar Yadav
3. Monu Kumar Singh
4. Divyansh Shukla
5. Prabhat Dixit
Paddle Power Electric Generator [Alternator, Voltmeter, Amitor, Wiring & Stand Fabrication] Mr. Chandan Kumar
9 1. Shailesh Singh
2. Manish Bhatiya
3. Amit Kumar
4. Km. Anisha Yadav
5. Ankit Kumar
Paddle Power Electric Generator [Painting & Finishing, Machine Costing] Mr. Gaurav Ojha

3rd Year Diploma ME [ 2017-18]

Group Name of Students Project Name Project Guide
1 1. Adarsh Deep
2. Ajay Kumar Yadav

3. Akshaya Kumar Ray
4. Akulendra Kumar
5. Alok Kumar
Hydraulic Jack Lifting Machine Mr. Gyanendra Yadav
2 1. Anish Kumar Yadav
2. Aman Singh
3. Amit Kumar Sah
4. Anchal Kumar Yadav
5. Amarjeet Kumar
Ganga Cleaner Machine Mr. Anoop Kumar Singh
3 1. Anjani Kumar Pandey
2. Ankit Singh
3. Ashish Kumar Sharma
4. Archit Pandey
5. Ashish Kumar Agrahari
Box Transport Mechanism Mr. Gyanendra Yadav
4 1. Ayub Ali
2. Avinash Shukla
3. Bhagvan Das Sahani
4. Dashrath Yadav
5. Dhirendra Kumar Bharti
Black Body Solar Cooker Mr. K.G. Sinha
5 1. Jaideep Singh
2. Jitendra Kumar
3. Jitendra Yadav
4. Kalyan Singh Patel
5. Manglesh Yadav
Design and Fabrication of Floor Cleaner Mr. Chandan Kumar
6 1. Manish Kumar Yadav
2. Mohit Pal
3. Mithilesh Sharma
4. Mohit Kumar Kushwaha
5. Neeraj Vaishy
Hepa Air Purifier System Mr. Pankaj Yadav
7 1. Pankaj Kumar Sharma
2. Nitish Kumar Mishra
3. Rajan Verma
4. Rajan Yadav
5. Rituraj Singh
3600 Degree Flexible Drilling Machine Mr. Aditya Prakash Yadav
8 1. Sanjeev Kumar Singh
2. Satish Kumar Yadav
3. Satyam Singh
4. Saurabh Singh
5. Saildeep Singh
Fabrication of Solar Water Cooler Mr. Chandan Kumar
9 1. Shivam Yadav
2. Shubham Kumar
3. Suraj Kumar
4. Sharad Bhushan Mishra
5. Sudhanshu Srivastava
6. Salman Ahmad
Design and Fabricate the Prototype of a Self Propelled Multicrop Cutter Mr. Aditya Prakash Yadav

3rd Year Diploma ME [ 2016-17]

Group Name of Students Project Name Project Guide
1 1. Ajay Kumar Gupta
2. Ajit Kumar Pal
3. Alok Kashyap
4. Dheeraj Kumar Pal
5. Satish Yadav
6. Sudarshan Kumar Yadav
7. Vikram Kumar Patel
Pedal Operated Power Generator Ms. Priti Singh
2 1. Amarjit Yadeo
2. Manoj Kumar Keshri
3. Awadesh Kumar
4. Farhan Ansari
5. Brijesh Kumar
6. Ranjeet Yadav
Amphibious Vehicle Mr. Akhilesh Verma
3 1. Brijesh Kumar
2. Aman Kumar
3. Vikash Yadav
4. Rakesh Kumar Yadav
5. Adarsh Jaiswal
6. Rahul Kumar
Hover Board Mr. Amit Kumar Singh
4 1. Rahul Kumar Gupta
2. Kali Prasad
3. Praveen Kumar Rawat
4. Atish Kumar Singh
5. Abhay Mishra
6. Rakesh Yadav
Pneumatic Sheet Cutting Machine Mr. Gaurav Ojha
5 1. Shivam Chitransh
2. Shivam Singh
3. Atul Kumar Gupta
4. Vivek Singh
5. Rohit Rai
6. Anuj Kumar
Four Way Hexa Machine Mr. Amit Kumar Singh
6 1. Manoj Kumar
2. Pavan Kumar Pandey
3. Prashant Pandey
4. Shivanshu Shukla
5. Sujeet Kumar Srivastava
6. Vishal Rajbhar
7. Vrijesh Kumar Singh
Hydraulic Elevator Mr. Pankaj Kumar Yadav
7 1. Shivdas Sharma
2. Aditya Kumar Pandey
3. Arif Ali Anshari
4. Shayam Prakash
5. Narendra Yadav
6. Kripa Shankar Maurya
Automatic Sand Sieve Mr. K.G. Sinha
8 1. Adarsh Pratap Singh
2. Anuj Yadav
3. Dheeraj Kumar Pal
4. Firoj Ansari
5. Gaurav Verma
6. Imamuddin Ansari
7. Mridul Deep Srivastava
8. Ravi Shankar
Gearless Transmission System Mr. Jitendra Kanaujiya

Contact Us:

Pankaj Kumar Yadav
Head of the Department
Mechanical Engineering
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Mechanical Engineering Eligibility

High School or equivalent examination with Sciences and Mathematics as subjects. candidates must have secured atleast 35% of marks in all subjects.
For admission to second year (lateral entry) of Diploma., The candidate must have passed two years lTl or lntermediate Sciences Group (Physics & Math) with Minimu m 35 % Marks in Aggregate.

Intake: 60

Admission Procedure

Following are the detailed steps in the admission –
Firstly, candidate should be qualified through JEECUP, who fulfils the eligibility.
Secondly, preference should be given to those candidates who have appeared in JEECUP and Result Status is “not qualified”.
Thirdly, those who have not appeared in JEECUP, but they have secured 35% marks in High School Examination.

Intake: 60

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