The MBA programme is two years full time programme, divided into four semesters. It is affiliated to Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow (AKTU). The MBA programme is designed to push students go beyond their constraints, redefine and redraw boundaries to achieve excellence. The programme aims to develop abilities among students and equip them with skills to become business leaders who are talented enough to handle challenges of the corporate world, and can evaluate business situations from all angles and take a proper rational decision relating to any field of business. Through intensive, rigorous and industry-oriented curriculum along with active, innovative, interactive, engaging and transformative pedagogywe prepare students for a challenging career and develop leadership and managerial skills in them. We also ensure holistic development of students so that they become self-driven, proactive, value-oriented individuals withhigh sense of social responsibility and ethics.

Value added Courses:

We facilitate our students to join various MOOCs/Online courses like Financial Analysis and reporting, Total Quality Management, Foundation Course in Managerial Economics and Enhancing Soft Skills and Personality through NPTEL, Udemy, Digital certification on online marketing & E-commerce to enhance their skills.

Other Activities:

• Competency Analysis by HR Professionals
• Workshops, Seminars & Guest lectures
• Management Club “Ingenuity” Activities
• Participation & organizing seminar & conferences
• Participation in Indradhanush: Hobby club activities
• Participation in Spardha: Annual Sports Fest
• Participation in Inter college Fest & activities

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

In accordance with the Mission of the Institute, the Program Educational Objectives expected to be attained by the students who have successfully undertaken the MBA Programme are mentioned as follows:
PEO1: Have attained a general level of competence in management, and to be able to act with creative, innovative and entrepreneurial potentials using the management tools.
PEO2: Adapt to a rapidly changing environment both domestically and globally using learned and applied managerial skills.
PEO3: Possess professional skills for employment and lifelong learning in management.
PEO4: Become socially responsible, value driven and ethically operating citizens committed to sustainable development.

Program Outcomes

In accordance with the mission of the institute, the following Programme Outcomes have been identified for students of MBA programme which are also in alignment with the model curriculum proposed by the AICTE. PO1: Business Environment and Domain Knowledge (BEDK)
Students are expected to have the understanding of environment in which business operates and that includes economic, socio-cultural, political, legal, technological, and competitive environment. Further, the students are expected to have deep knowledge and understanding about the managerial functions and the specific domain of business that the student specializes in. Such knowledge would help in identifying potential business opportunities, evolvement of business enterprises and exploring the entrepreneurial opportunities.
PO2: Critical thinking, Business Analysis, Problem Solving and Innovative Solutions (CBPI)
Students are expected to develop competencies in critical thinking for business decision making, capabilities, and skills to analyze and solve business problems across functional areas and more so by coming out with innovative solutions.
PO3: Global Exposure and Cross-Cultural Understanding (GECCU)
Students are expected to have a global outlook, they are also expected to demonstrate the ability to identify the various aspects of the global businesses and gain a Cross Cultural Understanding.
PO4: Social Responsiveness and Ethics (SRE)
The students of MBA are expected to understand the professional, ethical, legal, financial, marketing, logistical, security and social issues and their responsibilities in the social arena. They are expected to identify the contemporary social problems, explore the opportunities for social entrepreneurship, design business solutions and demonstrate ethical standards in organizational decision making.
PO5: Effective Communication (EC)
Students are expected to develop effective oral and written communication skills especially in business applications with the use of appropriate technology wherever necessary.
PO6: Leadership and Teamwork (LT)
Students are expected to have leadership skills and ability to collaborate effectively with organizational members having diverse capabilities and skills to achieve organizational goals. They should be able to function in teams, overcome conflicts and prove their abilities to carry the teams to success.

Course Outcome

MBA Course Outcome


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