LAB SMS Lucknow


Computer Science & Engineer (CS)

II YearData Structure Using C LabTurbo C, DevC
Discrete Structure & Graph Theory LabMapple
Digital Logic Design LabDigital Kits
Computer Organization & ArchitectureDigital Kits
Operating System LabTurbo C, DevC
Python LabPython 3
Software Engineering LabSmartDraw
III YearWeb Technologies LabJava, Apache Tomcat, Netbeans, Dreamviewer
Database Management System LabOracle, Mysql
Design and Analysis of AlgorithmTurbo C, DevC
Principle of Programming Languages LabTurbo C, DevC
Computer Network LabTurbo C, DevC, GNS3
Compiler Design LabTurbo C, DevC
Computer Graphics LabTurbo C, DevC
Data Mining & Warehousing LabWeka, Rapid Miner
IV YearDistributed system LabTurbo C, DevC
Project LabVisual Studio, Local Web Servers,Java, Apache
Tomcat, Netbeans, Dreamviewer, Matlab

Laboratories: Mechanical Engineering

Laboratories are well equipped with modern facilities and specialized software, provide state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and advanced research.
• Mechanics Lab
• Graphics Lab
• Workshop
• Fluid Mechanics Lab
• Material Science and Testing Lab
• Thermodynamics Lab
• Machine Design Lab
• Measurement and Metrology Lab
• Manufacturing Technology Lab
• Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
• Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab
• Fluid Machinery Lab
• Theory of Machine Lab
• Internal Combustion Engine and Automobile Lab
• Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing Lab
• Project Lab

Laboratory Civil Engineering

Laboratories are well equipped with modern facilities and specialized software, provide state-of- the-art facilities for teaching and advanced research.
• Fluid Mechanics lab
• Building Materials lab
• Structural Analysis lab
• Geotechnical Engineering lab
• Concrete lab
• Transportation Engineering lab
• Survey lab
• Geoinformatics lab
• Cad lab
• Structural Detailing lab
• Building Planning & Drawing lab

Laboratory Electronics & Communication

The department is enriched with various types of basic level and advanced level laboratories providing hands-on training and thus encouraging students to do various practical and build major and minor projects. The alumni of the department are well placed in core companies and MNCs. Department has classified laboratories as:
Basic Labs :
• Electronics Device Lab
• PCB & Workshop Lab
• Digital Electronics Lab
• Electronic Circuits Lab
• Logic Design Lab
• Electronics Measurement Lab
• Integrated Circuit Lab

Advanced Labs:
• OC & N Lab
• Control System Lab
• Microprocessors & Controller Lab
• Microwave & Antenna Lab
• Communication Lab I & II
• CAD of Electronics Lab
• Project Lab

Laboratory Electrical & Electronic Engineering

A. Electrical Engineering lab
B. Electrical Machines lab
C. Power Electronics lab
D. Control System lab
E. Power System Lab
F. Electrical Measurement lab
G. Network lab
H. Electrical Instrumentation lab
I. Simulation lab
J. Electrical Workshop
K. Electrical Design & Fabrication lab
L. Software Based Power System lab

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