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Internships provide students with hands-on learning experience as they gain a glimpse into the real world, giving them a front-row seat to a potential career choice. They go into the internship thinking they want to work at a specific company or in a specific industry and come out of the internship either having confirmed those thoughts or having decided to pursue something completely different.

The Summer Internship/Project Training is an integral part of our Management & Engineering programs and aims at achieving the following objectives by well-defined POLICY.

• Application of knowledge and techniques learnt in the first year to real business problems and to test out and enrich one’s understanding, knowledge and skills.
• Providing an insight into the working of the real organizations.
• To develop interpersonal relationship with key management personnel in the Organization.
• Gaining deeper understanding in specific functional areas.
• Helps in exploring career opportunities in their areas of interest.

Internship Duration:

• MBA/PGDM/UG Program: 6 Weeks
• B.Tech./Diploma Program: 6 to 8 Weeks

Facilitation of short term Internship & Live Projects for PG and UG courses in companies like Tanishq(A division of Tata Enterprises), Shoppers Stop, Bajaj Consumer Care, Pantaloons and many more.

Companies for Summer Internship

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