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IIT-Bombay Remote & Resource Centre (RC-1247)

School of Management Sciences, Lucknow has been established as Remote & Resource Centre (RC-1247) by IIT-Bombay since Nov. 2012 for the programs conducted by National Mission of Education through ICT (NMEICT) funded by Ministry of Human Resource & Development, Government of India. A mass of experts in every field working in a networked manner to envision empowerment through workshops conducted for teachers using a unique blend of technology and innovative pedagogy.

The major Programs conducted as under :

The T10kT project (supported by National Mission on Education through ICT) at IIT Bombay, permits thousands of teachers to benefit from each of these programs. Use of online and blended approach allows participants to complete a significant part of training online, thus reducing the time which must be spent on face-to face synchronous interaction.

►A Teaching learning Centre (TLC) has been setup at IIT Bombay under Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission for Teachers and Teaching. Our Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), approved by AICTE are now conducted under the aegis of this scheme.

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