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SMS provides separate, comfortable and well-furnished hostel accommodation both for boys and girls. Hostel is a place, where students spend their time away from home; so it should be a place which should make students feel like a home out of home. Hostel
There are various facilities in hostel accommodation like:

Well organized Gaming facilities so that students can stay healthy anf fit. This include-
Indoor Games – Innumerable games are available in hostel like, carrom, table tennis, pool – table etc.
Gaming facilities – It is well organized so that students can stay healthy and fit.
Outdoor games – Every year students are endowed with organization of sports which include games like badminton, cricket, jump, kho-kho etc.
Growing Gooses – There is a state of the art areas for grouping of students; so that they can socialize & do group studies.
Mess – Students are provided with quality, hygienic and enticing food. There is proper nutritional chart of a balaced diet on variety basis to give them full nutritional support too.



For the security and comfort of students and staff members, the institute provides buses for the transportation. The routes and pickup points are clearly followed according to layout plan. Further details are given below:-

• On demand of parents, the institution is providing transport facility at competitive rates, to ensure safety and security of students.
• The college has employed qualified and experienced drivers.
• As there are limited buses/seats, transport facility will be provided on first come first serve basis with a prior written application.
• Transport schedule is designed in such a way that buses will reach the campus 10 minutes before the commencement of academic work of the institution.
• The Student shall pay the prescribed fee in one lump sum for each academic year. No instalments will be allowed.
• Students will be issued bus pass under the seal of Administrative Officer or any other designated officer.
• The students are requested to follow the timings set for the pickup and are advised to be present at the boarding point 10 mins before the arriving schedule.
• If the student arrives late at the boarding point after the bus leaves the point, she/he shall make his/her own transportation arrangement. College does not hold any responsibility.
• In the evening, buses will leave the college as per the schedule.
• No change of schedule or route is permitted. If any change is there in schedule or boarding point, then the student should inform college management at prior basis.
• In case of sudden failure of buses, the students are expected to cooperate with the management. Every best effort will be made to tackle such situations.
• No student will be allowed to board the bus without bus pass and college ID Card.

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