The department strives for procuring rudimentary but indispensible training & knowledge in the domain of Engineering and that of English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to chisel & garb the entrants from being seared and regressed. Moreover, honing their dexterity is pedestal for carving them to take leap into their arenas without being pressed for discomfort. The ambience of the department is decked with competitive and congenial aura that contributes mentorship to the students to delve and embark a new voyage into their core contents. Laboratories of Physics and Chemistry are installed with practical exposure providing them complete composure with the equipments complementing their theoretical knowledge and training. The Communication Lab at the department also amplifies the development of students with rows of activities on Comprehension & Listening, Role Plays; Videos on Group Discussions & Interviews etc.
The department screws up and canvasses a foreground for the future engineers by riveting in them elementary information significant for fabricating especially at the time of applying for Public and Private sector jobs.

Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities


Engineering Physics teaches the application of modern physics concepts geared towards the engineering. It inculcates the students into new technological advances. Laboratory activities are designed to engage students’ minds, so that students may acquire skill and confidence in their measurement of physical quantities with appropriate accuracy.


• Newton’s Rings
• Half Shade Polarimeter
• Fresnel’s Bi-prism
• Diffraction grating
• Nodal Slide Arrangement
• Carey Foster’s Bridge
• Stefan’s law
• Viscosity apparatus
• Energy Band Gap
• Tangent Galvanometer
• Potentiometer
• Digital Helmholtz Galvanometer
• Ballistic Galvanometer
• Set up of L-C-R characteristics
• Set up of P-N / Zener Characteristics
• Set up of N-P-N / P-N-P Characteristics
• Set up of Photo Diode Characteristics


The lab is aptly prepared to impart experiments in Chemistry. The lab is neatly designed and has spacious, well-ventilated laboratory with a capacity to accommodate more than 30 students. The lab is aesthetically designed with polished ceramics tiles, separate balance room and chemical store room. It provides students with a practical approach towards various techniques used in engineering application. Practical awareness is inculcated and students are trained both quantitatively and qualitatively during the lab sessions so that, their understanding and problem solving abilities can be enhanced.


• pH meter
• Photo Calorimeter
• Hot plate
• Digital Balance
• Analytical Balance
• Digital Oven


Language Lab aims at developing L S R W skills in students through: Group Activities, Pairing of Students for Interactive Sessions, Exercises on Comprehension and Listening, Role Plays, Situational Conversation Exercises and Videos of Group Discussions and Interviews etc.


The Lab is equipped with a software named: ORELL DIGITAL LANGUAGE LAB that incorporates:
• One Instructor Module
• Student Module
• Software CD
• Headphones with Mikes
• Web Camera (1 nos. with a CD)
• Integrated English Language Learning Materials and Exercises (5000 Hours)


• Exercises on Errors in Speaking.
• Grammar Exercises.
• Writing of E-Mail, Curriculum Vitae & Letters
• Handling Telephone Calls.
• Public Speaking.
• Job Interviews.
• Learning through Cartoons, Music, Games, Fun. Stories, Situations, Activities, and Discussions etc.