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Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering is a full time three years program that provides training and knowledge in the field of computer technology. Students are provided with theoretical as well as practical knowledge in this area. There are several specializations which will improve their capability for computer skills and also develop their practical, critical and analytical thinking. Students are provided with technical and non technical sessions for handling challenging tasks and are prepared for problem solving skills. After diploma, students will become capable of getting jobs in various areas like software development, testing, network & website maintenance, web designing etc.

The department has met the quality expectations in all key areas like:
• The setting and maintenance of the academic standards of awards.
• The enhancement of student learning opportunities.
• The strategic approach towards the professional development of students which enhances their employability.
• The student’s feedback in various aspects.


• To produce an academic environment in Computer Science & Engineering and to prepare the students with moral values and ethics necessary for development of technological society committed towards vibrant nation.
• To impart knowledge in cutting edge technologies at par with industrial standards.
• To become a constantly growing center of excellence nurturing global-centric professional leadership based on ethical and moral attributes.


• To prepare students with required skills to solve computer problems.
• Technological behaviour, strong moral values, innovative capabilities and inculcatation of leadership quality in students.
• Providing theoretical as well as practical knowledge related to computer science discipline.
• To educate students towards positive contribution to the economic well being of our nation.
• To create excellent learning ambience through innovation in teaching, research and consultancy for producing professionals capable of answering global challenges and demonstrating high ethical and moral standards.

Program Outcomes

Work on different software for word processing, power point presentation, spreadsheets and communicate ideas electronically
Use electronic instruments to measure various engineering parameters.
Assemble, troubleshoot and maintain computer and peripherals and install various software.
Use appropriate procedures for energy conservation and for preventing environmental pollution.
Design page layouts for digital and electronic publications by combining different media elements.
Write, compile and debug programmes using different programming constructs.
Identify the software process model for specific software application and interpret different phases of software development life cycle.
Create, manage and secure database.
Design multimedia graphics and create script of multimedia animations using authoring tools.
Design, develop and host websites using internet technologies.
Plan and execute given task and project as a team member or a leader.
Manage resources NIS/ERP effectively at the workplace.
Implement OOPS concepts and data structure concepts.
Use various functions and components of different operating systems.
Set-up, diagnose problems, troubleshoot computer networks and maintain security of the networks.
Write and debug simple as well as complex programmes in Python/PHP/R.
Use various mobile technologies and their use in different application scenarios.
Use and implement various services on cloud such as SAAS, PAAS, IAAS.
Apply the acquired knowledge and skills in solving live problems in the Computer and I.Tindustry.
Demonstrate appropriate values and attitude.
Apply statistical tools for data analysis and report generation.
Maintain hardware and software.
Perform data backups.
Develop mobile Applications.


• The department provides certification for CCNA through SMS CISCO Networking Academy.
• Students get to know about cloud services using Microsoft’s Azure DevOps.
• Runs Employability Enhancement Program (EEP) for all around personality and soft-skill development
• Hands on training on advance courses like PHP, Python, Android, Ethical Hacking and IOT etc.
• Continuous guest lectures from academia and corporate world.
• Voluntary participation of students in regular Powerpoint presentations on current topics.
• Mock interviews, seminars, webinars and workshops on various topics.
• Special focus on major and minor industrial projects.

Course Outcome
Diploma CSE Course Outcome
Diploma CSE Syllabus

List Of Labs

Laboratories are well equipped with modern facilities and specialized software, provide state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and advanced research.

• Data Structure Using C Lab Lab.
• Discrete Structure & Graph Theory Lab.
• Digital Logic Design Lab.
• Computer Organization & Architecture.
• Operating System Lab.
• Python Lab.
• Software Engineering Lab. (W/S Practice)
• Web Technologies Lab.
• Database Management System Lab.
• Design and Analysis of Algorithm.
• Principle of Programming Languages Lab.
• Computer Network Lab.
• Compiler Design Lab.
• Computer Graphics Lab.
• Data Mining & Warehousing Lab.
• Distributed system Lab.
• Project Lab

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