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The current scenario of higher education in India needs substantial improvement. Every year, thousands of fresh graduates are produced and are consequently being exposed to a fierce competition to grab employment. Besides, traditional pedagogy with a focus on rote learning creating a lack of analytical and critical thinking, appropriate skills to be readily absorbed by the industry and above all life skills, has further aggravated the problem.We, at SMS Lucknow, are passionate about solving this growing problem of employability gap and providing ample opportunities to our students to develop themselves holistically and also to become industry ready professionals and responsible citizens of tomorrow.We believe in training our students enough to face challenges at work and in life.

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SMS has rapidly grown from a newcomer, in technology and management education, to a noted name in Uttar Pradesh, today, ten years since its foundation was laid, back in 2008. We take pride in being the youngest and the only institution to have received a B++ grade from NAAC amongst engineering and management institutions in the state. Our strong emphasis on providing skill based education has made us the first and the only institute in Lucknow, to provide a B.Voc. (Bachelor of Vocation) course in Software Development. Our alumni are now working at top positions in corporate organizations spanning the entire globe. We have developed a strong alumni network to further assist them in their careers and to create opportunities for alumni to interact with and advise current students on career opportunities available. Our core strength lies in a collaborative work culture that we have consistently maintained over the past ten years. Trust, mutual respect, ownership and a sense of responsibility towards the institution and the greater good of the student community, are the principles that have guided us throughout. We are constantly investing in training our faculties to be skilled in latest technologies for effective teaching-learning process.
As research and innovation is an integral component of an institution of higher learning, we encourage it on our campus among the faculty as well as the students. We have set up our “C.V. Raman Centre for Research and Innovation” as a progressive step in this direction. The center aims to develop eco-friendly technologies, advance scientific research and innovation to save earth and humanity. Round the year we conduct conferences to provide a platform to budding academicians and researchers to showcase their research activities.
Everyday, we are striving to improve and become better and aspire to emerge as a leading university with a world class infrastructure, capable of contributing to the society through education, employment, research and innovation. We are a dynamic institution and hold our mission close to our heart. We look at the success of SMS not as a business goal but as a responsibility to chariot the career paths of the students who are a part of this family.

“We are here to bring out the best in you. If you are also as committed to learn and develop, we ensure that a bright future is awaiting you!!”

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Chairman – SMS Group of Institution

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