Bachelor of Vocation (B.VOC.) – Software Development is a 3 year degree program affiliated to University of Lucknow. It is a semester wise professional programme aimed at providing a judicious mix of skills relating to software development profession and appropriate content of general education, so that students have adequate knowledge and skills and they are work ready for specific job roles at each exit point of the programme meeting the industry requirements. Further the programme aims at providing flexibility to the students by means of pre-defined entry and multiple exit points.

Levels of Awards/Exit Points

AwardsDurationJob Role(s) after Exit
Certificate(Software Development)6 MonthsJunior Software Developer
Diploma(Software Development)1 YearWeb Developer
Advanced Diploma(Software Development)2 YearMaster Trainer for Junior Software Developer
B.Voc. Degree(Software Development)3 YearSoftware Developer

Value Added Course:

• CISCO Certification Course.
• DBMS Certification Course.
  2. ASP.NET
  3. Management Information System
  4. Android & Advanced Java
• PHP/PYTHON Certification Course.


For the practical exposure of students following LABS are the important parts of their course curriculum:
1. LAB on C & DBMS
2. LAB on ASP.NET with C# and PHP
3. LAB on Data Structure Using C
4. LAB on Oracle & RDBMS
5. LAB on C++
6. LAB on JAVA
7. LAB on Data Warehousing & Mining
8. LAB on Advanced JAVA Programming

Other activities:

• Workshops
• Guest Lectures
• Industrial Visit.
• Summer Projects.


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