World of Aliens: Weird Truth or Fake Facts

Life probably exists beyond our Earth, may be on some other milky way in the Universe. But there is a question we oftenly raise about there existence. Whether aliens are there or not? This is a big worrywart for the scientists doing studies on exoplanetary systems to find out the so-called ‘Extraterrestrials’. Well after certain indications from a variety of recitations and news bites available on various websites, I feel that we should understand and accept this factual truth of life availability on some other unknown planets or stars or may be it can be asteroids. There are about 1 trillion planets in the Milky way(AkashGanga) according to Shostak estimates. We cannot find aliens normally around us, only some signals are being received by the scientists. May be they are probably living on Earth somewhere in a microscopic ‘shadow  biosphere’ but we cannot feel their presence. There are so many researches done on many topics like what aliens want from us? What emotional or brilliance quotient they have? Why they don’t want to interact with us? I hope these questions could be answered in the upcoming time frame.