Top websites for knowledge enhancement in Computer Science

This blog is very useful for the students who are pursuing their graduation in Computer Science. Here I am giving some following useful websites that students of computer science must visit during his course.

  1. Github

Computer science students must do training on GitHub.It supports that two or more people can work on same file at the same time called collaboration. It can also keep history of the projects called version control. Git is version control software and GitHub is a web service where you can sign up and have an account and do Git things on web server.

  1. HackerRank

HackerRank is the best place where worldwide programmers can join hands to answer problems in CS domains like machine learning, artificial intelligence, algorithms.If you are looking for job then you can be hired by solving the great challenges availableat this website.

  1. CISCO: CISCO is the worldwide leader in the fields of Information Technology & Networking. It provides the hardware as well as software solution for the small to large scale companies. It’s CISCO networking academy builds IT skills and education for upcoming era. It provides five level of certifications that are-
  • Entry level
  • Associate Level
  • Professional Level
  • Expert Level
  • Architect Level

So every students must go at least for the entry level certification during its computer science course includes B.Tech(CS), BCA, B.Voc, B.SC.(CS & IT) or M.Sc.(CS&IT) etc.

  1. IBM’s Cognitive class: This provides online data science and cognitive computing courses. Various online courses are available that are free. Students must go for such courses for enriching their knowledge in data science. They can earn badges on Python, big data analytics, Hadoop etc. and can share it on own LinkedIn profile.
  2. Quora

Quora is a question and answer platform that allows people to contribute and raise the world’s knowledge. People can ask question on any subject and study the quality knowledge that is relevant to them as well as can share their own knowledge.

  1.  geeks for geeks

gfg is the most popular website visited by the computer science students in our country. It contains very useful knowledge for the students who are interested in software development field and are very keen to solve real time problems on latest technologies. This site contains various sections like puzzle, company wise coding practice, computer science subject matter, Questions for interviews preparation and solving the challenging algorithms.

  1. Internshala

It is a good platform for internship & training. I will suggest the student should not go only for the paid training. The number of free courses is available for enhancing their knowledge on some newer technologies. Since they are the learners so by any meansthey learn anything, it should be advantageous in future for them.

  1. W3schools

The students who are interested in web development, w3school is one of the best website from where they will be able to learn PHP, ANGULAR JS, REACT JS, HTML, BOOTSTRAP, CSS etc. also various web templates are also available.

  1. TheNewBoston

If you are not interest in text reading and want to learn new languages and technology then must visit NewBoston. At this site you can find free access video lectures to most of the languages that will be sufficient for basic learning of the technology.

  1. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT gives free on line teaching materials almost all its courses like ME, CS, EE, Mathematics etc. Students and teachers can enjoy unrestricted on line access to these recourses.