To Make a difference or ………..

5th September 2020, I came to life slowly, just being part of the same endless routine, enforced by the new normal, expecting everyone to have conveniently forgotten that it was a teacher’s day. Ever since the start of the lock down and occurrence of online teaching, the one thing the teacher in me seriously misses, is the theatre the class room was. The pleasure and delight of facing sixty odd students in a class everyday cannot be equalled in the life of a teacher except by the sublime pleasure of teacher’s day, when students past and present, put us on a high pedestal with ‘Guru Bramha, Guru Vishnu ……..’ equating our status with Gods above.


This teacher’s day with remote teaching and absence of physical students promised to be a dark night, and yet lo and behold, I was totally taken by surprise by the number of messages and calls by current and previous students, which I received despite the faceless teaching that we indulge in, suddenly elevating me to the high pedestal that is so normal and the most satisfying part of being a teacher.


The mentor, the philosopher, the guide, the path breaker, the hand holder, the torch bearer, from the time of Lord Krishna to Aristotle, from Dronacharya to Chankya, from Maria Montessori to Einstein and from Philip Kotler to our very own Dr. Kalam, the teachers have always carried the onus to make a difference in the lives of their pupils and the world there of, simply through the propulsion of new ideas & thoughts. The persistent questioning of the existing order and by arriving at newer conclusions which thrust the world into thus far hidden territories, opening new realms of knowledge pushing for changes in every man’s life.


I must say the most challenging task of any teacher is to ignite the minds of our multitudes of students to newer possibilities, as they unravel the mysteries of the world, in their quest for greater horizons. If as teachers we can make a difference even to the life one student, we know that the teacher in us has arrived. After all Chanakya’s claim to fame was only Chandra Gupta Maurya, as Alexander the great was for Aristotle, and DronaCharya is a fore gone conclusion


Ridden by the continued uncertainty of the current world, the onus now falls on us to keep the hope alive, to be the torch bearer and to make the difference when we can.