Tech trends for 2019

A barely credible opportunity that is ahead of you is networking. The field of networking is rapidly changing from wired to wireless networking with the emergence of new technologies like Internet of everything, machine learning and data science. The technology is altering the globe by connecting billions of devices and changing our way of living, thinking, working even also playing. Are you ready for the change? SMS CISCO Networking Academy changes the lives. It gives theory as well as hands on experience in practice. It is connecting recruiters with the students who are ready for change. Some of the technologies of 2019 where networking will play an impotent role are as follows-

Internet of Everything: It is an extremely burning area of technology today. The people must get themselves ready for the transformation. The outcome of any company can be improved by connecting the devices that can be remotely operated using smart phones. Job titles in this area are Field Technician, IoT Operations, IoT Security Operations etc. An expected job growth in this area is predicted as 82-87% by 2020. Enjoy by being part of the technology transformation and get benefited by solving business problems. So learn networking for connecting the devices. The business undergoing digital transformation is hiring this type of  talent.

Big data analytics & R: Insights from big data may be game changer for the industry. Data is generating from heterogeneous platforms like sensors, social networking sites, digital cameras etc. and that needs to be mined in real time to create real time predictions. Therefore demand of data scientists are growing. So computer science peoples must take an edge and increase their employability by learning new skills such as how to collect, store and visualize data obtained from IoT sensors, which are in high-demand. R technology can be very helpful to analyze such huge amount of data.

 The impact of 5 G will increase as the Internet of everything will increase in future. Indian government is also planning to launch 5G in 2020. It will make communication cheaper and fast.

Machine Learning and Deep Learning – To manage the modern networks deep insights are required to know how various piece of devices are working in quickly changing conditions that are unique to every network. To know the health of the network pattern recognition skills will be needed. Research firm Gartner said more jobs will be created as AI will grow. By 2020, 2.3 million new jobs will be created so this era will dominated by the AI technology. Machine learning will be needed to analyze the networks. Machine learning will be used to spot anomalies in the network behavior. US and UK are planning for Robo army till 2050 that is not possible without connecting the networks.