Tackling Loss of Job in COVID Era

As per one of the estimates there has been a loss of 25 million jobs in India due to Covid-19. This mayhem has been unleashed across the sectors and management hierarchy. And worse, there is no hope in coming 4-6 months in terms of improvement of economic scenario in the country. In this gloomy outlook, it becomes important for the youth not to get dejected and depressed in this havoc situation. It is natural to get upset in this pandemonium, however as the saying goes there is a silver lining in every cloud, it is also giving you an opportunity of a change in lives you are always yearning and throwing bounty of free time and nostalgia one is always craving for. The youths should use this time wisely and utilize it to the fullest. Some of the strategies that may be applied and integrated in ones schedule are:

  1. Learn something new, skills you lack, pursuing some lost hobby, register for a communication or personality development program.
  2. Travel to different places, remember a place you always wanted to go, visit some soulful place and try to absorb its energy or tranquility, whatever your choice is.
  3. Network with the right set of people and groups, maybe through online seminar, symposium etc.
  4. Exercise and take right diet to get a physically fit structure of the body. Remember a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.
  5. Sharpen your intellect through reading some meaningful books; remember right kind of knowledge will always give to edge over your competitors.
  6. Most importantly find an INSPIRATION to fuel and fulfill you ASPIRATIONS. One can find inspiration also from all the above mentioned stuff.

And Always, Hope for the Best and Prepare for Worst