Striking A Balance:- Back to the basics

The changing times are proving that anyone who is not adapting to the nuances are slowly fading away.

Friends! Continuous value addition, self development and improvement can only be the way to keep pace with surge of technological advances and the dire need to update ourselves to remain competitive in the current scenario.

The current Evolution that is taking us away from our basic roots is a pertinent matter that needs our attention and efforts need to be made by all of us to strike a balance. For example Whatsapp messages are replacing conversations only because its more convenient, needs to be pondered on. Children now a days prefer to spend time alone with gadgets rather than interact with other kids is becoming a social dilemma.

The constant pressure to outperform your peers, the need to be the best,the need to know and act on new information immediately and be the first one, has even led to the emergence of a disorder known as FOMO… fear of missing out….hence checking the mobile phones every two seconds ,simultaneously checking multiple gmailaccounts,facebookaccount,linkedinprofile,twitteretcetc so on and so forth has reduced human face to face connection,heart to heart conversations to a great extent. Quite a concern for us!

The solution my friend always lies in the problem. We need to revisit our childhood days when technology had not taken over. Surprising our friends with a call, a walk in the park with your grandparents, playing cricket with your siblings and children in the neighborhood can be a refreshing change and can help us reduce the stress , burden and complications of our hectic work schedule.