Solar Power Projects in India during COVID 19

The 21 days nation wide lock down in wake of COVID 19 has brought to an abrupt halt to meet the target of 100 GW solar energy installations in India till 2022. Approximately 50% of the ongoing projects in this direction will be directly impacted by the continuing lock down. Most of the manpower involved in such ongoing projects either have returned back to their native place or fired from their employers due to no work. I think if the government lifts the lockdown in the mid of May, it will take a long time to mobilize those man powers working behind such projects. A significant number of projects were supposed to be completed by Oct – Nov this year but the work cannot be resumed due to the coming rainy season which normally exists between July to mid September in India.

However it’s a good news that MNRE has serious steps to bring the power production from solar power plants under essential services. It has been decided that extra time will be given to complete such projects and the govt. is also planning to meet all the terms and conditions required to switch on such projects.

As we know that most of the parts of solar modules are imported from China. The disrupted production and the transport in China has severely impacted timely delivery of such equipments due to virus outbreak.

I am sure virus outbreak will increase the cost of photovoltaic modules and ultimately the solar tariff will increase. In view of such situation, CII has encouraged Indian PV manufacturers for Make in India for all solar sectors. All India Solar Industries Association has also recommended the govt to consider the subsidized cost to accelerate the domestic production in this field. After all it’s high time of all of us to stand up and run fast because I strongly believe that all That Happens, Happen for the Best. Isn’t it?