Schooling and Education

       Society plays an important role in the formation of a country and the major ingredient in binding various societies is the youth produced by the system of schools. The citizens that we are creating with this system of schools are lacking education. Some youth are educated but not schooled and some are schooled but not educated. As said by Mark Twain- “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”  Our youth from beginning of his childhood is sent into the system of routines to be followed from morning to evening, and it seems we are manufacturing humanoids. Waking up early- brushing up their minds with light reading, going to school, then tuition and finally at home with homework and the ending of day with a sleep. This is the routine being served by the system of schools.  This system is designed to meet the economic demands of the industry but not for the society and this has led to fall in the self education (knowing & deciding what is right behaviour and wrong behaviour).  Therefore, it will not be wrong to say, number of schools are increasing with education in a diminishing mode.