Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in future Education


It is seen since last decade in Hollywood friction movie makers are predicting the changes that may occur in near future like automatic parking, personal assistance even Google assistance is already in market today. One area where AI is ready to make big changes is Education.

In the next 10 years we may see humanoid robots in education. Even today there are various projects where students and teachers are using the computer intelligence.

Here there are following some important changes that AI can make in education in near future-

·        AI is going to affect primary to graduate schools through application of individual learning. This has already been started through increasing number of adaptive programs and software, where student can study at their own pace. For example Byjus , Meritnation  etc are providing online learning. In this type of learning students can work at different levels in single class room and teacher will facilitate the learning and will provide required help and support to learners.

·        AI may not be able to swap the human grading system but Use of AI can automate the basic activities in education, for example automated grading in multiple choice and fill in the blank questions. Today essay grading system is in early stage it will improve in upcoming years that will permit teachers to have more focus on class room activities rather than grading.  

·        It is not always possible for teacher to identify the gaps in their lecture and educational material. Massive Open Online course providers like Course Era are using AI, when huge number of learners is submitting wrong answer for the same question that is given in homework assignment then system generates an alert to teacher to offer message and hint to future students to correct solution.   

·        AI will not only help the teachers and students to customize their courses but may also provide feedback about success of the course. Some online schools are using the AI systems to monitor the progress of student and alert the professor about the student’s performance.  

·        AI can change the role of teacher as facilitator. Teachers will provide human interaction and hands on experiences to those students who are struggling.

·        Today data mining systems are already doing up to some extent but AI could further alter the higher education through AI guided training.

·        Learning can be anytime and anywhere in the world using AI systems and software.

Therefore it can conclude that education will be a lot different in next few decades from today. It is becoming more convenient and personalized. Educational materials are available on smart devices. This is going to change how we learn. Are we ready for that change?