Restrictions in e- Learning

The lockdown has forced the colleges and schools e-learning during COVID-19 outbreak. That is welcome and appreciable; however, the digital mode of education cannot be the default mode. On-campus and classroom education play a vital role in moulding minds and in training young minds to function as a group, negotiating relationship and establishing a cultural relationship to constitute society full of morale and ethics.  Such a push by the institute during COVID-19 outbreak to create online resources in the wake of the pandemic will address a critical gap in the Indian educational system. By doing so, social isolation coupled with a lack of communication will result in mental health problems such as anxiety and negative thoughts.  On line, courses require a high degree of self-discipline.  I have noticed that some students were quite motivated in starting of their online classes when the first phase of lockdown was declared. However, a significant number of them currently are either not interested or have lost their motivation.  May be students got tired and might not be able to get effective learning. The students have to wait a few days to get the response for the right answer which limits their learning. The less interaction with other students is the main reason why many students like to attend on-campus learning. The networking aspect is completely missing in most online courses which may be a big disadvantage of online classes as compared to the traditional models of education. Technology is another serious issue related to online courses. For instance, the computer may not have enough RAM or the computer may not have all the required accessories for effective online learning.

A campus-based education is a more traditional experience, especially in engineering and management education. Face to face instructions with their teachers and guides offers a numbers of benefits to understand the subjects. I strongly feel that degree programs in areas such as science and engineering require a physical presence of students to perform labs which cannot be accommodated in an online mode.  Virtual labs are of course are available on sites but don't forget they have their limits. After all, students have to prove their best themselves on the real ground after joining corporate.