Now- a- days, technology is now at the forefront of human communication. We started making our days a little less personal than we did in the past. Common grace and manners dictate that we treat elders with dignity and respect. Sadly, these important qualities have been largely forgotten in today’s society. Instead of treating our elders with respect and appreciation they deserve, many of us are often too busy in our work or simply ignore them and their contributions to family and community.

So we can adopt the following ways in order to appreciate and acknowledge them:

1. Elders are considered the wisest people in the society because they have seen life more in comparison to us and also have contributed a lot to the betterment of family and society. So we can take advice from them and give them a feel of affiliation and association.

2. If we are away from our elder family members then we should pick up the phone and call them even after our busy schedule. By doing so, we can give a feel to them that how important they are for us. Phone calls are a personal way of both saying and showing that we care.

3. If we are living with elders together then eating together is one of the greatest social customs for mankind. While eating we can also get to catch up with them and have fun. Sometimes we should plan to venture to a favorite restaurant, pack a picnic or visit our senior loved one’s home, try to eat together on a regular basis.

4. Many seniors get lonely, whether they are retired and no longer have their work schedule, or they’ve lost their spouse and some friends. Regardless, they still need a rich social circle for happiness as many can get isolated over time; which can lead to health decline. It’s important to take time to visit elderly loved ones to not only spend precious time with them and learn from them; but also give them purpose, as relationships are keys to healthy aging

5. Even if we demonstrate our respect through our actions but it is actually sometimes important to tell them how much we love and respect them. It will surely bring a smile on their faces.

Younger generations must learn the importance of respecting their elders and take time to listen and spend quality time with them. Unfortunately, this sentiment is rampant, but we have to remember that seniors are knowledgeable people who have something to contribute to society in the wisdom they’ve gained from their life’s history, even if it’s a story about life or history. It’s more than respect — it’s about really taking the time to listen to our grandparents and parents.