Post COVID Work Culture

Hundreds of thousands of employees working from home are waiting to return to normalcy. We are preparing for the digital future of work driven by using mobile connectivity and all other available technologies to enable remote working. We are interacting with companies virtually focussing on e-learning platforms over the traditional face to face trainings. Not only does this lead to limited physical contact in response to the COVID-19 pandemic but also shaping the work with significant benefits. In banking and financial services, we see how AI and ML are getting popular and coming in action. 

Doctors and patients are connected virtually instead of a ‘candidly’ visit. The education sectors all over the world are undergoing through a huge transformation as the virus outbreak forced schools and universities to shut down. Entrance tests and result declaration across the nation are getting mutated or transformed for the welfare of the students. Rise of e-Learning and integration of technology with education are getting accelerated in an acceptable mode. In such an environment, humans and machines will be enabled to do what they do best independently as well as with each other. Enterprises are focussing on engaging people with the right expertise and experience to achieve their target by enhancing virtual work. The pandemic has opened our doors to arrange meetings through video conferencing mode. Technology is playing a important role in transforming our workplaces blended with physical and virtual experiences to stakeholders, employees as well as clients. Enterprises are also significantly reducing the number of employees working from office, which is not only cost saving on real state but also transform work floors in a way to maintain the social distancing during the epidemic. Enterprises will also become more distensible because the employees will have more flexibility over their working schedules by remote working. 

For efficient communication and collaboration, investment will shift to newer technologies that make remote working more productive and functional. The focus on data security would also be essential for enterprises to make them more safe and secured. The planet is looking for a change in all possible dimensions by virtual work capabilities. It’s time to get up and welcome such a change in every facets of our life. The ongoing pandemic is going to change not only life and work culture but also our interpersonal relationship and core values. I am mentally prepared to welcome such a prodigious and unprecedented future and work. Are you?