Namaste- to greet and to protect

The recent epidemic (Noval Covid19) has led the world to understand the value of Namaste. This action was demonstrated by top leaders and influential people of this world, like Mr. Donald Trump, Prince Charles, Mr. Netanyahu and many more. They didn’t pronounced Namaste but folding hands for greeting and protecting self and others reflects the importance of this body language. This language of greeting in in our cultural genes which we have received and transferred from ages. It makes us proud after Yog (Yoga- in English) getting world acceptance; Namaste has been added to the list of world acceptance of our cultural languages. Many other countries also follow certain other greeting methods without holding others hand, like in Japan and many Asian countries. In the end it would not be wrong to say people should not forget the cultural values provided to us by our ancestors, as many of them were created for the safety of mankind and nature.