Learning during Lockdown: A Teacher's Journey In the Age of Corona

The coronavirus pandemic has upended our world. The academic calendar all over the world has been disturbed.  The coronavirus pandemic has led to a nationwide lockdown in order to contain the further spread of the highly contagious virus. Students, employees, workers are unable to get to their respective schools and offices. But in this difficult situation, when restrictions were imposed on any movement, online education is increasing tremendously. Schools and colleges have started digital classes for their respective students. Due to this, some parts of the urban Indian education system has turned towards delivery of education via the internet - or online education. This announcement was accompanied by a characteristically ambiguous directive to teachers, to continue to be available for their duties as per the time tables through e-resources. It threw we teachers into a tizzy. These were basically the crucial factor during the last weeks of teaching and before the end semester examinations. Initially  we found difficulties and started believing that a physical classroom where teaching-learning happens, could not be replaced by online teaching  but later on we realized that we would not be returning to our classrooms and libraries in the coming time or in a hurry. After accepting this truth we teachers had started working on preparing e-resources. We had to prepare much more and had constantly to write detailed lesson plans, both for the record and for those who are unable to access live classes. Scan and uploading reading material in an online medium as libraries continue to be locked. By doing so we faced many challenges such as students those who live in cities with good internet connection, have been able to join in for the classes but those who went back to their villages or in small towns struggle with the internet speed and are mostly unable to attend. They would not be able to connect to the virtual lectures or download assignments that are data-heavy and thus lose out on a lot for no fault of their own. At some point of time when we have to evaluate the students on these assignments those who could not access, they will be penalized for no reason as we accept this. But so far we teachers are doing hard for fulfilling the requirements of the course during this lockdown and try to give benefit to all the students in all possible ways with a positive hope that for sure we will overcome this pandemic and return to our lovable job of teaching.