“The best of our work comes out when you are pushed to the wall. The world is pushed to the wall right now.” - Madan Gowri

Everyone got locked-own in their home spaces since more than two months. Our thoughts, habits, day-to-day activities have been changed due to the current pandemic crisis situation. We are trying harder to adapt the new criteria of living for survival i.e., ‘Work from Home’. This scenario has been creating new job opportunities for start-up linked people and has also impacted the life of workers who were creating their wages by means of work from several industries, factories etc. Most of the working individuals from academia, private sector etc. have initiated to be in a race of survival from home only by participating in various webinars organized on social media platforms, project handling by means of data collection and connecting with them, workshops that are being organized digitally and many more things. Basically the motivation for all of us has become to be virtually present everywhere and to benchmark our performances in order to avoid the raised questions on our professional existence during lockdown.

 We are mentally sucked up with the daily activities for making our survival in organisations/institutions. This thought processing has been leading all of us to an environment of dissatisfaction and is ending peace from home. Apart from growth in learning and development of professionalism, declining health will give birth to several issues soon. There will be a strong bond between personal and professional life from now onwards that will affect deeply the mind frame of our upcoming generations. The conclusion of this life game will soon be declared in the coming future till then the human beings will probably become machines.

According to the sources received from Desk Time, a productivity app, most of the users performed 52 minutes of serious work, followed by 17-minute break. Some of the people have to set live status and share it with the company which ultimately creating stress and leads to health issues. But there are some benefits of working from home also like spending more time with family, proper food habits getting developed, exercise time id fixed for physical fitness too etc. Therefore, if one is feeling distressed while working from home there are some good things which need to be appreciated by all of us and stay positive.