Every single element on this earth has two aspects, one is positive and the other is negative. But when there comes a thought in mind about Karma, humans are unable to decide immediately what to do and what not? We can give several advises about good and bad but when it comes to make our own choices our mind gets biased. More often we try to choose the easiest way to conclude any problematic situation or tasks assigned irrespective of thinking about its output.

Karma’ is a philosophical terminology when it comes to live life with equanimity.  There are some basic doctrines mentioned in two religions- Hinduism and Buddhism that need to be followed by individuals. Basically, Karma means actionswhich results in Phala mean fruit or output. Bhagwad Gita categorised the effects of Karmaphala into four parts, i.e., creation, fulfilment, purification and change. Karma is being classified into three categories- Kriyaman Karma that signifies fruits from present actions, Sanchit Karma that will bear fruits for the work done in future, Prarabdha Karma that has done now to give outputs.

The gist of this philosophical term can be understood as good deeds will lead to beneficial effects and bad deeds will produce worst outputs. But are we following these norms in our lives?Well ,I can observe that only a few amongst millions are being involved in performing positive deeds for others. Rest of us are just following the rule of self-living rather than selfless living. Karma is the basic truth of human beings on which the whole cycle of life and death, give and take, right and wrong are  running since decades. Everyone shall be paying off for their own deeds in this world whether good or bad.