Is Pandemic phase a Vipassana meditation?

Vipassana, is India's most ancient technique of meditation. It means a clear awareness of exactly what is happening as it happens and focuses on “concentration” or “tranquility”. It is a gentle technique of enhancing attentive listening, mindful seeing and careful testing.

Well, is this not what we are going through in this pandemic phase? Or was this which was very much required for mankind and so natural powers somehow planned for us to teach us a lesson.

Vipassana is a form of mental training that teaches us to experience the world in an entirely new way. Is this not what was required in today’s world and the life style that we were having pre –pandemic phase?

It’s the time to think what opportunities this pandemic phase have given to us like

·        opportunity to learn and explore,

·        opportunity to reset our priorities,

·        opportunities to realize and relish our individual cravings (obviously not food),

·        Opportunities to understand the importance of few everyday activities which we cribbed while doing.

·        Opportunities to cut down all what was not necessary and redefine the meaning of essentials and luxuries.



So what is that we are actually distressed for during this period? Obviously the turmoil for transition has never been pleasant as we always like the way we are and not ready to accept changes, but then this is the time to unlearn and learn.

Could the silver lining in the black cloud of the corona virus be this?