Internet of Medical Things: Transforming medical care

As we know how the digital business evolved this year due to corona pandemic, it has made a lot of changes in our traditional system. As we are seeing our education system has drastically moved to digital platform and also improving with the time. Today both the platforms are available. Anyone can choose online as well as offline platform of study as per their need. If you are a working person and want to update yourself with the latest technologies, you do not need take leave from office to learn. Anyone can adopt the online platform to learn from quality instructors. In the same way, medical care is also changing and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is going to play a major role in the new normal.


What IoMT is?

IOMT means medical devices that are connected with medical care provider’s computer through the Internet. These devices can create, gather, perform analysis and transmit medical care data using internet. That is forming IOMT ecosystem.

IOMT devices may be wearable like watches, belts, bracelets that can track and predict few years’ risk old adults, distant patient monitoring, hospital beds with sensor technology, medical tracking systems, infusion pumps etc.




Why IoMT is future of medical care?


According to Forbes as in 2018, there were 4 million wearable healthcare devices and it is predicted that they can reach $136.8 billion till 2021.

IoMT gives various benefits to medical care that includes

  • Enhanced pharmaceutical management
  • Increased patient experience
  • Better diagnosis and treatment
  • Distant monitoring of critical diseases
  • Enhanced patient care
  • Less human error and fraud reporting due to automation
  • Precise medicine
  • Connected patients and medical care providers’ through medical care apps