Importance of English Communication skills as a part of Soft Skills

These days we keep on hearing a lot about Soft Skills and their relevance to our young generation freshers &; professionals in choosing a lucrative career path for them. It has been proven that given same level of Hard skills and personality quotient among a bunch of prospective candidates competing for a core/respectable job opportunity, the candidate with a good command over English communication skills not only secures the right job opportunity but also gets 20 to 25% higher remuneration than other well to do candidates. So candidates with a strong hold on English Communication skills hold a Passport to best suited jobs/careers with overall better job prospects.

During my over fifteen years of experience in Corporate & Training and Development sectors, I have met hoards of young professional freshers & students who have expressed their inhibitions/inability to communicate well in Oral and written English language being a prime reason for their low performance/rejection in companies placement processes.

On the other hand, the Corporate Employers’ have also expressed extremely low performance in written and spoken

English as a reason for mass rejection of otherwise suitable candidates in the various placement processes.

All the readers going through this article especially the students/prospective students and young professional freshers will agree on the above. However they must also be expecting a solution to overcome their handicap on written and spoken English Communication skills. Believe me guys, your transformation from an inhibited, jittery and under confident English speaker to a confident, articulate, grammatically correct & coherent speaker is fairly easy in case you adopt following golden rules in your day to day routine:

Golden rules for improving upon ones English Communication skills:

Self- Belief to acquire proficiency in spoken and written English Language. Yes…You can!! It really works!

Daily habit of Reading English for minimum half an hour.

Using a Dictionary to find out meaning of difficult English words

Listening to an English conversation

Watching any audio visual clip in English of your interest

Thinking in English. It seems slightly difficult initially but will get easier as you get into the habit of doing above mentioned activities.

Practicing to speak in English by yourself. You can initially talk to yourself in mirror and learn to discuss topics of your interest among your friends in English.

Remember the famous quote “slow and steady wins the race” and practice the above mentioned rules for gaining command over written & spoken English communication skills and enhance your chances for getting a suitable employment in Corporate world.


The writer of this blog is Abhishek Saxena- Manager Training & Development at School of Management Sciences,Lucknow