Scriptures provide immense knowledge and insights for not only developing the personal traits but also developing your interactive traits within the real world.

The scriptures actually guide us about the right direction, which leads us to complete, happy and purest form of life.

Chankya Neeti says “Of the bitter tree of the world, there are two sweet fruits: one is the taste of maxims, and the other is companionship of the nobles.”

It is a very deep and thoughtful saying, it explains that life is full of hardships and to live a successful life you must have a right conduct that improves you as a person. 

Now, what is the right conduct?

 It is difficult to identify what is the right conduct for your life. But if you are along with great and good persons, their persona and act will help you to follow right conduct with in your life.

If you are a leader you must follow right process to generate optimum from your team or from your organization. The guiding thoughts of scriptures always help us to motivate others and generate optimum out of them. Sometimes for the sake of quick results we adopt certain process which are not at all acceptable as per scriptures and it leads to disastrous end.

So we must follow the path which is based on scriptures, because it is a path of truth and success.