Moral degradation of youth is very troublesome problem emerging in India. The term morality originated from the Latin word “moralitas” means manner, character, proper behaviour which differentiates intentions and actions between those that are good and bad. Morality is about the relevance of the goodness of what a person does, thinks or feels. Morality helps the youth in making right decisions and thus presents morally accepted behaviour at the workplace. Moral values help individuals in reducing social problems like unrest, social erosion, crime, separatism, class conflict, isolation etc.

And we know that youth is most valuable asset or power of any country but it has been experienced over the period of time that now-a-days youth is diverted towards end number of immoral activities which do not only influence the present society rather adversely affect the civilization of future generation too. Earlier social organization of the society played a very responsible role in framing and executing value based moral responsibilities but at present there is no retention of ideal ideologies in the society which could bring the youth embedded with value based livelihood & vision.

In current scenario Indian youth is poisoned by pride, arrogance, disrespect, disobedience and indiscipline which definitely hamper their productivity at workplaces. Because in such a competitive era getting a job is not that difficult as retaining the job is. Therefore we need such sincere youth who can make the people working in the organization synergize for common productive causes and that is never possible without strong moral base. Therefore, to become a truly successful individual competence alone is not only criteria rather that person must be blended with a good character too. So, to get a good workplace, the moral values need to be framed and implemented in the society by the means of value education, reframing, re-thinking education and making them aware about principles of ETHICS.

So, eventually we can say that –

                                   “A strong moral base is a key to survive in any organization.”