How to build your Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is the belief in oneself, and abilities. Self-Confidence describes an internal state made up of what we think and feel about ourselves. Self-Confidence is very much essential for a happy and successful life as it gives you courage and Self esteem. When Self-Confidence is present, you are not afraid to try new things and to take risks. It is a quality of character that most people appreciate when they see it in other people. Most of the people are not born with this quality of character but they can build it by themselves by changing their attitude toward life, or by changing their mindset, even if there are various personal reasons, experience that caused one to lose it.

I would like to suggest several ways which will help one to build Self-Confidence:


1. Think about what you have already achieved in your life

Even if you experienced unhappiness in your life, there are a few achievements you had in your life. Thinking about all those achievements makes you realize you have experienced success in your life and failure is not all.


2. Think about what you do and achieve, not on what you did not do and did not achieve

If you are always thinking about failure then this further spoils your sense of self confidence, so always replace your negative thinking with a positive thinking of success. Imagine yourself in your mind where you really want to be, this will increase your self confidence.


3. Build up a strong will power

If you strengthen your willpower, your self confidence would also grow strong. Strong will power means more self-esteem, more confidence.


4. Set simple, small goals

Set small, simple goals that you can easily achieve, this will greatly increase your self confidence as these small goals will make you feel better about yourself.


5. Develop a positive attitude

Make the effort to focus on positive things and expect positive results. This might not be easy if your mindset has always been negative, so first change your mental habits and build a positive attitude.


6. Give yourself encouragement talks

By giving yourself encouragement or motivational talk, you will be able to remove negative thinking about yourself or about your life.