I know most of us would say, this is something very common but still I feel it is not so very common. Since ages, this is being taught to all but is not practiced by most.

As a child grows and learns to speak, he is taught to say thank you… but slowly with time many of us forget this attitude. So let us know what gratitude means? Gratitude simply means being thankful and exhibiting readiness to show appreciation. For philosophers its one of those things which costs you nothing but pays you the most while for many it could be a way of life.

Gratitude not only makes our thought process positive but turns this world into a much better place to live. Paying gratitude does not necessarily mean that we need to say so out of obligation or for something very big. There are situations in our life when we feel gratitude but do not express it. Expressing gratitude for even the smallest things in life is equally important as would it be when it is for something which has lots of value.

Today when I sit down to think about gratitude and when was the last time I said thank you?, I realized that there are so many people to whom I forgot to say thank you. And I am sure the same would be true for all those who are reading this utterance of mine. In fact, this mere feeling of gratitude has the potential to change the perception towards life. It helps in developing faith, building relationships, enhancing loyalty and improving the ability to deal with adversity.

But then it is equally important for each one of us who want to start practicing gratitude to differentiate between saying thank you (when you don't mean it) and feeling thankful. Because the feeling would be aroused only when I am content and satisfied with what I have. It would only come by leaving the arrogance and ego. And it would only come after getting rid of  the feeling comparison.

"Gratitude is more of a compliment to yourself than someone else." Raheel Farooq