“Man creates both his God and his Devil in his own image. His God is himself at his best and his Devil himself at his worst.”- Elbert Hubbard.

Our elders always advise us to be optimistic no matter whatever be the situation, a positive thinker and a nice person. But human beings are the best and unique creation of God in this galaxy with both good and bad, best and worst, Angel like and Demon like characters. Just like that, our thoughts can also be selfish or selfless. We all use to think in a two-way process to grab the solutions for our problems. There are so many conditionings and assumptions that affect our intellects on the basis of which we used to make decisions of our life, whether it was good or bad in the other person’s viewpoint.

Subsequently, the outcome leads the other individual to draw a typical personification due to that decision/idea/thoughts i.e., God like perspectives or Devil like characteristic views. In a survey done by Dr. Martin Seligman, an American influential psychologist on persuasion framework, he concluded about various aspects of human thoughts.

We form judgments for an individual’s persona to be God-like or Devil-like by providing a foundation of their positivity or negativity. One should understand the actions being taken by another person and all those circumstances responsible for the adaptive thoughts and decisions by asking one’s own conscience to obtain exact replies. It will give a chance to modify the mind slots towards an individual’s characterization.

Presumptions not only alter self-conscience but also spoil the relational intensity and connected sentiments with the other person whether they are a part of own family, colleague or stranger. Positive inclusiveness and acceptance helps in identifying the best out of an individual’s character and also helps in avoiding the worst parts.

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”- Zig Ziglar