Future of e-commerce business:

As time passes year by year the technology trends in e-commerce also change that impacts online shopping. The Internet retail market will continuously change. The consumers will shift from desktop to mobile systems. So companies need to keep an eye on future e-commerce technologies.

Today people are using Smartphone for it. Mobile technology is not only the future; it is ruling today's e-commerce market. In US approx. 125 million consumers have a mobile phone and approx. 62% of users' use their phone for online purchase. Even desktops are also being used for the same purpose but the global trend indicates that mobile devices will lead the e-commerce market. So e-commerce sites must be mobile optimized otherwise customers can leave the site of one company and can move to competitor's site. Mobile optimization will be the main concern for the e-commerce business for moving ahead, so e-commerce companies will also need to integrate mobile wallet with it. Adding mobile wallet functionality can increase sales and conversion rate as well. App shopping will be more easy and convenient for consumers and it will also provide a 3D view of the product using augmented reality and virtual reality. The subscription services will be more popular (Amazon Prime, Netflix etc.) and personalized subscriptions will continue to grow. The customization of products will continue to grow. The automation is changing the way the services are being customized. Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROBO) trend is increasing for the past few years so digital marketing strategies need to be strengthened to cope with this. In short, we can say that in future chatbots, drones, robots, voice assistants, Augmented & Virtual Reality and blockchain technologies are going to lead the e-commerce business. The mobile platforms are the future of e-commerce and going to be very important.