Future Technologies

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"


-Arthur C Clarke,1962


As the internet transform the whole communication system and the digital technologies, on other hand progresses the physical world and the living standards. All these technologies feels like a magic says Arthur Clarke. The brackets of all these technologies always open its door in 1- 10 yrs and 10-20 yrs. As future technologies based on man and machine relationship, present scenario of connected world going into another level. In last two decades these technologies have laid the foundation of vibrant technologies on future level.

Deeper penetration of basic technology infrastructure such as internet, smart phones and 4G networks prepared the ground of future technologies, one aspect of these technologies to solve the global problems of energy shortage, hunger and global warming and on other hand they create new one. In next decade these technologies will shape the world with new gadgets. Machine translation faced issues like lag inaccuracy and inability to capture tone, in this Google translatotron shows the way forward, when you speak into a microphone, the machine reorganizes your speech, converts it into text which gets translated in to the language you want and then gives the output either as text or in a generic synthetic voice.

3D printing is ideal for customized manufacturing where supply is slowsuch as medical implants and aircraft parts but in future will create automated factories without manpower. Digital money will lead in almost all form of transactions.

The coming decade will see several countries going cashless. Companies may launch branded currencies backed by banks. All progress through the 2020 will see robots mimicking humans and trying to get better at some tasks. True singularity may not happen in the coming decade. Race is on for hypersonic weapons that can hit targets thousands miles away inseconds.

There will be more connected machines than people, transportation homes and factories will become smarter. Quantum computers will lead to vast improvements in drug discovery. Nano- medicines will redefine preventive healthcare with nanobots continuously monitoring our bodies. Genetic editing techniques like crisper could have far reaching implications in medicines and agriculture. Software and electronics are set to give car passengers a completely different experience.