Five positive trends in civil engineering industry to come out of corona pandemic

It is well known fact that the worldwide corona pandemic has been a calamity on numerous points. From mortality to long-term monetary impact, this corona calamity will be reminder of bitter memories for many years to come. However, it’s promising to identify that some constructive effects have come out of our united response to this challenging situation. In the construction industry which is generally infamous for slow to adapt changes, the corona pandemic has essentially discovered the notable level of flexibility and adaptability under very challenging circumstances. Subsequent are 5 trends being sighted in current construction industry that accelerated in response to the corona pandemic:

1. Use of offsite pre-fabrication

modularization and prefabrication have increased in popularity for many years because of the enhanced superiority and efficiency they offer. But the necessity of social distancing on construction site and more organized construction environments in 2020 directed to a intense rise in our dependence on offsite construction selections. Obviously, increased trend of using of prefabrication is a lucrative means of making up lost period while maintaining safety standards.

2. Use of AI-based video surveillance to keep construction sites safe

The projects those were able to advance during the peak of the pandemic lockdowns had to find out dependable means of continuing strict safety standards under environments that small number of companies had ever wellthought-out. A quite new technology — AI-powered video surveillance — appeared as a surprisingly effective method for observing and applying these standards. For example, can update their image analysis software to recognize whether employees are using face masks and hand gloves and to observer social distancing by computing the distance between individuals and the number of people in groups on the construction site.

3. Going paperless ?

More recently, while working from home I think we’ve an opportunity to visualize working with very less paper use in our work.”

4. An upsurge in the reprocess of existing structures

While there has consistently been some interest in the repair and renovation of older structures for new use, the pandemic has created a large scope of refurbishing because so many stakeholders are finding that remote work is both viable and striking. Thus, many establishments are either downscaling or abolishing their office spaces, leaving owners with millions of square feet in need of repurposing.

Furthermore, many constructions will need retrofits to offer better guard from potential future health emergencies, The advanced HVAC systems will highly be in demand that could filter out viruses and floor designs that support social distancing.

5. Greater attention on green buildings

the corona pandemic has speeded up the adaptation of green buildings. Mostly, we can realize this in relation to indoor air quality and the way building design influences the health of inhabitants.

In the corona perspective, the verification of performance of green building through the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program will accept an even more significant presence of green building.