Employability Enhancement Programs

The employability scenario of Indian graduates is certainly an area of great concern. It is shocking to see that 95 % of engineers in the country were not fit for jobs and at least 50 percent students lose out on core jobs such as those in finance, marketing and HR due to weak in the theoretical and conceptual knowledge of their domain.


Only about 17 % of the total engineering talent produced in India each year meets the skill requirements of the IT product industry. Studies show that employability decreases with the increasing number of colleges across the country.

In order to enhance the quality of talent produced in the country every year it needs to be taken seriously, otherwise, we would soon be heading towards a challenge where education and educational qualifications would lose their credibility. Experts put forward various reasons for examples curriculum and quality of teaching, student interest and lack of corporate involvement.

A country like India with millions of unemployed youths, vocational courses can definitely aid in bridging the employability gap. After proper identification of the gap, an individual can avail vocational courses to eliminate the gap. Vocational and skill-based courses also help enhance their skills required to incorporate that are typically looking for specific skills. On the other hand, distance education can also do a lot in this area by offering functional programs where corporate are typically looking for specific skills. Broadly speaking, employers look at a mix of aptitude, language, personality and domain skills in selecting the right candidates for various roles in their organization.

I see that the core domain skill requirements vary from industry to industry, aptitude, language and personality skills requirements change from role to role. For example, the IT industry would look for knowledge in domains such as computer programming, testing and infrastructure, while the Banking, Financial Services would focus more on accounting and sales know-how. A student aware of his or her strengths and areas of improvement can work in the right direction to enhance their employability. After students identify their weaknesses and shortcomings, they can turn to various low cost, paid or free resources that can help them become employable.