We are facing a global pandemic, and fighting with it. Our doctors, paramedical staff, security personal, cleaning staffs all are working 24X7 on front end, we as a teacher are also working to maintain the quality education of the students. Students are the foundations of the society, during the period of Covid 19 students have become confused about the career.

When a child is born his/her growth starts, here we are talking about physical growth. When a child starts to understand things happening in environment, process development starts. In today’s world expectations and dreams of students towards their career is very high and it should be, but to achieve this dream they need to think positive.


Due to Covid 19, there is panic in society, but learning and education cannot be stopped by a virus , students are thinking to drop their education only because they and their parents do not agree to take a health risk, this is true and acceptable but career objectives should not be compromised.

A gap of one year for a management graduate is an opportunity loss, if we talk at the moment of approximately Rs. 3.5lac to 5 lac for an average student from a metro city. Hence, it not advisable to leave the career, in-fact this is the time to accept the challenge and get the opportunity to choose the right path for career growth.

World economy is in a recession and it will take min 1-2 years to bounce back, at that time employment opportunity will rise , therefore , this is a golden chance for those students who  want to join a professional degree courses or any job oriented course.