“A Dream is a desire that our eyes want to see... Desire is an emotion that our heart feels.” – Soumen Sardar

Dreams are sometimes like a beautiful scenario in which everybody wants to live and sometimes it becomes a horrible experience that we don’t want to see again either unconsciously or in real our conscious life. But when we talk about desires, it just gives a feel to be limitless.

Any individual uses to think differently in every situation of life which affects the desires imperfectly. Dreaming something is not always related to desires but experiments proved that around 50% dreams are based on what one wants to be in life or on good job positions, a soul mate to be life partner, etc.

We always run beyond our dreams to fulfil our desires and chase that dream which we use to watch most of the nights. Our will also plays an important role in making a correlation between our dreams and desires. We want to see our ideal self through one’s own mindset manifestations.

Many of us take desire as an emotion or just a strong feeling of achieving something or someone in life. This deeply affects our dreaming patterns and we use to watch only those things or people during our subconscious condition of sleeping mind that tremendously can do favours on us.

In my view, I think there is some way or the other an indefinite and positive correlation between our dreams and desires.

“It takes a dream to get started, desire to keep going and firm determination to finish.”- Eddie Harris Jr.