Challenges for Electrical Engineers in 2020

The reliable and quality electrical power is becoming challenge for all the Electrical Engineers. Being a doctorate in the field of power quality from MNNIT Allahabad, I came to know deeply the power quality and its solution in electrical power system. As we see that electric vehicles (EVs) are getting flooded on the roads and simultaneous use of associated semiconductor devices are responsible for degraded power quality.

Recently in 2018, we have seen EVs sales crossed two million units for the first time globally which is twice the amount sold in 2017. For this, a heavy investment in energy and charging networks will be required. The adoption of renewable to achieve zero carbon emissions is high on priority basis ,but we will continue to be dependent on the conventional source to drive EVs on the roads as I think.

The internet of things (IoT) is a big development which has a real impact on technology and businesses too. There will be more than 30 billion IoT devices in 2020. This is to be noted in mind that these devices cannot collect real-time data without a stable and reliable power supply. A great challenge for Electrical Engineers indeed. The sectors which I have mentioned above will serve the examples of growing electrification across all industry and society too. I am anticipating industries will undergo a speedy electrification by 2050. In doing so, a better structured power supply and associated businesses will take place, of course, for a better power quality. Electricity tariff will be in a different AND efficient shape. Therefore, Electrical Engineers have to develop further a better option to provide uninterrupted and quality power for growing demand. An another great challenge indeed for Electrical Engineers.

Since maintaining good power quality is also essential to the efficiency of equipments. Therefore, the problems that cause electrical issues like harmonic currents from power supplies that cause the failures of the devices are to be understood clearly. As such, it is becoming another great challenge to Electrical Engineers to limit them and on the same time a solution is to be developed to save those apparatus. There are also risks from areas such as interference generated by high-frequency switching around a solar farm affecting further the quality of power.
Electrical Engineers in different sectors are required to understand the challenges facing power and quality of power both all across the industries and simultaneously they must contribute to overcome them very effectively for smooth working of appliances.