Envisaging today’s digitech world without technological advancement is just like imaging world without water. There are so many emerging processes, technologies, etc. that grab the attention of end users for ease. If I have to talk about financial innovation techniques, it has been a tremendous development in it as well as the acceptability is increasing day-by-day.

Crowd funding is something that has created its strong foundation and a very positive aura in the society today. It is a process of capital raising by means of collective efforts of a mass individual investors. It can be done effectively through online mode. Various websites and agencies are workers are working efficiently to create a domain for frequent investments to support needy people for social means or expansion of business.

According to a survey data released by, the value of transaction in this segment is projected to hit a benchmark of US$9.4 million in 2021. Although, one of the types of crowd funding, i.e. equity based crowd funding, in which early business can collect fund online is unauthorized and illegal in India, as per SEBI rules.

Recently in the name of donations, one famous controversial matter that I wants to quote here is #BabaKaDhaba that need to be mentioned so as to give a gist about donational crowd funding that turned negative after the owner filed FIR against the influencer for fund raising. So, it is basically all about how perceptual behavioral patterns being played to change the mind sets of Janta Janardan. Crowd funding in the upcoming period will be more performing and develops.