An issue generally arises amongst the planners and educators are how technical education can contribute to sustainable development of the societies struggling hard to come in the same bracket as that of the developed nations. The rapid industrialization and globalization has created an environment for free flow of information and technology through fast and efficient means. This has led to shrinking of the world, bringing people from different cultures and environment together giving rise to the concept of world turning into a global village. In India, a shift has taken place from the forgettable years of closed economy to knowledge based and opens economy in the last few decades. In order to cope with the challenges of handling new technologies, materials and methods, we have to develop human resources having appropriate professional knowledge, skills and attitude. Technical education system is one of the significant components of the human resource development and has grown phenomenally during all these years. Now it is time to consolidate and infuse quality aspects through developing human resources in the delivery system. Polytechnics play an important role in meeting the requirements of trained technical manpower for industries and field organizations. The initiatives being taken by the School of Management Sciences Lucknow of two Diploma programmes namely Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering (Production) are as per the needs of the industry for building nation stronger.