A change is always welcome

A change is always welcome if it is beneficial for the society, and if it is in todays generation then it has an impact on future societies to be developed. As an academician I have observed the unwelcome change in behavior of many under graduate students. Carelessness, egoistic language,  short-cut approach towards academic and belongingness to unethical use of technology is driving this generation towards the change which is not accepted. There may be various reasons of which major is the upbringing and the environment they are growing in. We cannot ignore this by just saying this happens in this age and we all have also gone through this phase. Use and throw approach may be the another reason behind the careless attitude towards themselves and the society. Egoistic language may be because of what they are being served on their plates by social media and short film series available easily. Shortcut approach towards academic may be due to blooming up of easily available exam notes and missing of detail study approach.  Serious concerns are needed for transforming them into a more responsible citizens.