Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.

Roy T. Bennett

All around the globe we are hearing the updates about COVID- 19 be it social media or news channel. None of us are bothered to watch the melodramatic serials now-a-days but we all are well aware that whatever happens will surely lead us to a positive impact. Though COVID-19 has brought many negatives but let's look at the positives of the current scenario.

In our busy schedule of daily lives pre-COVID period, did we have the time for our family? The answer is obviously ‘no’. Parents were too busy in their professional life and earning the livelihood. They never had enough quality time to spend with their family. Talking about students, who were so much engrossed in studying only the curriculum pre-COVID are now learning new skills during this COVID 19 phase.

Have we realised that now when most of the people are staying at home, there is a decrease in diseases too?

Overall the result seems to be positive; there is a decrease in sufferings because we are staying at home. Now all of us are trying to improve our physical and mental health, eating healthy food and inhaling fresh air. All these have now led us to adopt a healthy living habit. Did we ever think earlier, that we would ever switch to our old TV channel "DD National" to know more about our culture and ancestors; how their management worked and how these could motivate us to face the adverse conditions of our present life? Our government from the last few years took so many initiatives to clean the holy river Ganga but now-a-days the river is getting clean without incurring much cost.

The twinkling of stars, the chirping of birds, greenery all around has given us the goose bumps; to realize the beauty of nature which we as human beings had almost forgotten. We are proud enough to say that we are from India, as we are from the country which has taken all initiatives to fight back COVID -19 not only for our own country but for others too and also trying to bring the positive changes in our lives.

How beautiful it is, to see that the world is now joining hands and doing “Namaste” instead of a hand-shake. All this has really helped our youth to come back on track from where we had somehow been deviated, as now we are spending more time with parents, cooking at home and glorifying the beauty of earth. We must not forget that people who are risking their lives for us to fight against COVID -19 must be respected all over the globe not only till the phase of COVID-19 but later too. They must be saluted, and we must recognize their efforts.

So let’s stay at home, stay safe, bring positivity and spread positive vibes.