During the lockdown period, I feel one thing as positive, that we are spending our time with family and watching some famous epics Ramayana and Mahabharat. The idea of this topic generated from one of the episode of Ramayana.

When Lord Rama was denied to accept the throne of Ayodhaya as a successor and elder son of King Dasharatha, guru Vashishtha taught him about the “Purshartha”.

Purshartha is also known as “4 objects of Human Pursuit”, it is four stages of human life, every human being have to face it. As per our Hindu mythology, it is karma to face and live the all stages. In Ramayana,  same thing was taught by Muni Vashishta.

Purshartha mean “Motive of Men”, effort of individual to fulfill his/her object, aim, and maintain the value of life.

KARMA : Initial stage of life where people starts leaning, self defense and social interaction.

ARTHA : In this phase , person transform himself to economic value and understand about the economical things.

DHARMA : The important 3rd phase , to know about the moral values and ethics. To understand the difference between what is wrong and what is right?

MOKSHA:  After complete all the responsibilities towards society, family and country , now time to think about self and to get closer to God with the help of spiritual activities.